What Has the Pandemic Meant for Hollywood North?

Before the pandemic, BC was home to 40 percent of Canada’s film and television production, followed secondly by Ontario. Although Canada’s Covid-19 cases are on the rise, the significantly lower numbers than their American neighbours offer a more promising outlook for future productions. 

Beginning in August, film production started to see a prominent return across BC, with productions resuming filming. As production ramps back up, finding a safe solution for the actors, production crew, and staff is at the top of mind for many producers. Pre-pandemic, Thomas FX was best known for being an industry leader in Hollywood and global film special effects production supplies. Thomas FX has made a shift to start selling COVID-19 safety measures on top of their usual product supply. To help promote a safe return to film sets and other large scale production spaces, Thomas FX has become the exclusive Canadian and European Dealer for Biotech UV Light technology and industrial-grade sanitizing equipment; in addition to a range of industrial sanitizing fog machines and Vancouver made protective plexi barriers. These products enable large buildings, sets, offices, and props to be efficiently sanitized and made safe for staff. Thomas FX hopes that production crews will quickly enroll in the new sanitization protocols and expedite the return to set with improved safety measures for actors and crews.

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Posted by Thomas FX
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