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Thomas Studios

Thomas Studios

Thomas Studios, literally three studios in one, was designed to the movie industry's most demanding standards, and created as an adjunct to the highly successful Thomas FX special effects equipment rental, production supply, set-dec and props facility located adjacent to the Studio.

Thomas Studios features nearly 8,000 sq ft of functional space, including a 4,000 sound stage with acoustically insulated walls and ceilings, clear span space, permanent lighting and rigging ceiling grids, seismically insulated floor for motion control operation, and pre-installed green and blue screens. A white corner cove white cyclorama, and travelling blacks provide additional flexibility. (NOTE: The studio is not pre-lit as our clients prefer to bring in their own lighting.)

The Thomas soundstage remains a "state of the art" special effects studio. The first of its kind in Canada, the studio is popular with rock video, commercial, television and film production users, and also enjoys a stellar reputation within the entertainment and event industries as one of Vancouver's premier special effects and insert soundstages.


Main Floor Studio

  • 4,000 sq ft clear-span sound stage (68'X59'X22')
  • Studio Entry Reception Area 
  • Upstairs Studio Green Room
  • Upstairs Studio reception and work area in the office hallway
  • Upstairs Boardroom
  • Inside the Studio - White Cyc
  • Corner cove 20' x 75' cyclorama wall
  • Pre-hung 20' x 90' digital green/blue screens
  • Coving and tie downs available
  • Travelling blacks installed for masking cyc or screens 
  • Permanent lighting ceiling grid 
  • Extensive acoustic treatment on walls and ceiling 
  • Seismically insulated vibration proof floor 
  • Large drive in loading bay with soundproof doors 
  • Separate grip room with cable portals to studio 
  • Studio bell system 
  • Sound lock with flashing red warning lights 
  • High volume heating and air handling system 
  • Conveniently distributed 400 amp 3 phase power panels 
  • Permanent wall mounted pin racks 
  • Permanent catwalk access
  • Permanent full ceiling mounted lighting grid  
  • Mercury vapor overhead work lights 
  • Rolling scaffolding and A-frame ladders available 
  • Directors chairs available
  • Cleaning & Garbage removal available

Main Floor Production Offices

  • Three spacious furnished offices for department heads 
  • Wardrobe / Makeup room with large mirrors 
  • Area for craft services 
  • Kitchenette area with sink & built in fridge 
  • Male and female washrooms 
  • Double entry doors 
  • Keypad security lock access 
  • Steel security grids installed on all doors and windows   
  • Wireless internet 
  • Monitored security system 
  • Separate grip room with cable portals to studio  
  • Adjoining equipment rental facility 
  • Adjacent to production supplies outlet

Second Floor Offices

  • 1780 sq ft 
  • Large Green Room area  
  • Reception area 
  • Kitchenette area 
  • Washroom with double sinks and shower enclosure   
  • Wireless internet 
  • Separate security system 
  • Keypad security entry lock 
  • Electrical room

Exterior Space

  • Fenced and gated locked yard 
  • 9 parking stalls, or parking for production vehicles 
  • Generator ground fault connection 
  • Exterior yard and sidewalk lighting 
  • Close proximity to second narrows bridge 
  • Close proximity to crew parking areas

Booking Information

Contact: Betty Thomas Quee

Phone: 604.929.5455

E-mail: [email protected]

Rates: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Long Term lease rates available

Address: 140 Riverside Drive West, North Vancouver, BC V7H 1T9

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Floor Plan
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