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Pyrotechnic Effects

Thomas FX is a leading supplier of pyrotechnic devices, and complimentary pyro supplies of every description. Our magazines are always full of quality pyrotechnic products from North America's leading pyrotechnic manufacturers; such as MP& Associates, De LaMare, Le Maitre, Holatron etc. Typically, we have more than 14,000 pyro devices in stock. Our expertise in global logistics ensures that your order arrives on time and on budget, every time. If you are looking for any type of pyro, pyro accessory, or pyro equipment, look no further. Contact Us..
    Pyrotechnic Devices
    Pyrotechnics devices are available to all licensed pyrotechnicians, including products from De La Mare Engineering, MP Associates, LeMaitre, Ultratec FX, Hollywood Balls and a whole list of others. We have a great selection. Give us a call to place your order and to get shipping specifics.
    Smoke Effects
    Need Non-toxic colored smoke, smoke bursts, or smoke grenades, we have them. Check all colors, available in various sizes. Black smoke, white smoke and yellow smoke, are the most popular. Thomas FX also sells Smoke Cookies, Smoke Pellets and Calcium Turnings. These are great special effects smoke options.
    Pyrotechnic Accessories
    We have an unique combination of pyrotechnics accessories such as lifter cartons, No Char, Cork for debris, FX Dust, B Gum for making smoke and of course a variety of volanic ash products. If you need it and don't see it on our website, do give us a call, because we can probably source it for you.
    Pyrotechnic Equipment
    We are the Canadian Holatron distributor and stock most items. If want something that we don't show on our website, please contact us and we get them in quickly. We can also source used pyrotechnic equipment. Just call and ask or drop us an email We are here to serve you.

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