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Fog Haze & Smoke

Call Thomas FX for superior Special Effects Fog Haze and Smoke FX products. We sell a wide range of Fog and Haze machines and Fluids from leading brands such as; Thomas FX, Ultratec Special Effects, Le Maitre Special Effects, Antari, Reel EFX and Look Solutions. 

For guaranteed service and safe, production friendly, fog haze and smoke products, trust Thomas FX every time. 

Not sure which product to choose? Call us!
    Fog & Haze Machines
    Thomas FX specializes in selling the best smoke machines: special effects fog machines, theatrical haze machines, ground fog machines, small smoke machines, mini smoke machines, low fog machines, ground fog machines, dry ice foggers, party smoke machines, and outdoor fog machines.
    Fog Special Effects Fluid
    Trust Thomas FX for fog effects. We stock a large quantity of water-based and mineral oil based fluids to create fog special effects: theatrical fog, fog and smoke machine fluid, fluids for mini fog machines, low ground fog machines, and smoke machine fluids for use in training by Fire Departments, First Responders, Police, and the Military.
    Haze Effects Fluid
    Look no further than Thomas FX for quality haze machine fluids. We always have lots of special effects haze fluids to create theatrical haze effects and diffusion haze effects. Use with confidence in professional haze machines, Hessey foggers, and diffusion haze machines to add impact to all theatrical productions.
    Black & White Smoke FX
    Thomas FX stocks a variety and large quantity of realistic black and white smoke effects for use by special effects professionals during TV and film production, or live theatrical events. When impactful smoke effects are needed, we can help. Not sure which artificial smoke product to choose? Ask us!
    Colored Smoke Effects
    Buy colored artificial smoke effects from Thomas FX. We stock, non-toxic colored smoke, colored smoke grenades, colored smoke bursts, large smoke emitters, special effects smoke cookies, smoke pellets, and both EG-18 and the larger EG-18X smoke bombs. Colored smoke effects can be uses with confidence in a variety of ways in both indoor and outdoor settings.
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