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Artificial Snow & Ice

Artificial Snow, Fake Ice Supplies

Thomas FX is a world leading snow and winter special effects supplier for snow and ice products including fake snow, colored snow, artificial icicles, snow machines, and snow fluids. We supply fake snow products for film production, special events, hotels, shopping malls, themed attractions, and visual merchandising displays. We also manufacture our own line of Patented SNO-FX! TM biodegradable snow products and distribute quality products from SnowMasters, and Ultratec. If you do not see what you are looking for Contact Us.

"Thomas FX pulled out all the stops to help me get through our two and a half month long blizzard shoot in Telluride Colorado, on The Hateful Eight film. They worked around the clock to make and ship snow to us. I can’t thank Thomas FX enough, no one else could have pulled this off."

Bruno VanZeebroeck,
Supervising Special Effects Coordinator
The Hateful Eight, Academy Award Winner

Artificial Snow & Ice Products

    Fake Snow
    SNO- FX! Biodegradable snow special effects and fake snow for every film and television production, special event, shopping centre, store display or private function. Your one stop solution for every kind of artificial snow or artificial snow and winter effect.
    Fake Ice & Icicles
    Thomas FX artificial icicles and artificial ice special effects are used with confidence by many of the world's top Special Effects Coordinators and Technicians. Our icicles are also used by event planners, themed attractions, wedding planners, hotels, shopping malls, and top retailers who decorate their facilities for Christmas and themed seasonal occasions.
    Snow Machines & Fluids
    Evaporative snow machines and special effects snowmaking equipment. We carry snow fluids for all machines we stock; evaporative snow fluids that are quite simply the best in the world and that simulate realistic artificial falling snow.


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