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Blood & Makeup FX

Artificial Blood & Makeup FX Supplies
Film, television, theater, and live event makeup effects professionals buy blood, latex prosthetic appliances, theatrical contact lenses, fake teeth, and special effects makeup from Thomas FX.

Shop at Thomas FX. We carry a comprehensive line of quality professional theatrical makeup that can be used to create characters that are memorable and truly unique.

We have a wide variety of blood effects, theatrical contact lenses, makeup FX, and theatrical makeup in every color and texture imaginable.

If you are not a makeup effects professional, don't worry . . . . we have friendly staff members who can offer suggestions that will help you to put your makeup special effect together.

Stand out from the crowd. Shop at Thomas FX. Buy online, or visit our retail store for personal service.

    Blood Effects
    Makeup professionals and many people working with theatrical makeup buy quality makeup blood effects from Thomas FX. Blood is a perfect finishing touch for many special fx makeup creations. Buy Stain Free Blood Powder, Blood Gel, Squirt Blood, Venous Blood, Aged Blood, Lung Blood, Mouth Blood ...
    Makeup FX
    Theatrical makeup can be applied easily using a combination of products such as Face & Body Wax, Grease Paint, Flesh Latex, Barrier Spray, and a selection of colors for aging or bruising. Creating characters with special fx makeup is easy and can be lots of fun whether you are doing it professionally, or not.
    Makeup Palettes
    Makeup fx palettes provide a selection of colors to create any effect from blood colors to eye shadows to dirt colors and more. Skin Illustrator and Mehron and Cinema Secrets have great choices. Make sure to check them out in our Make FX section.
    Makeup Kits
    Buy special effects makeup kits and makeup stacks to make sure you have all the necessary base ingredients. Whatever you create can become sensational and you can have fun enhancing your character with fake blood, fake teeth, blood capsules, theatrical contact lenses and colored hairspray makeup effects.
    Dirt & Dust Makeup Effects
    No realistic character make-up is complete if it doesn't match its particular surroundings. Where would a pirate, a cowboy, a coal miner, a shipwreck survivor or a battle-worn soldier be without the proper layer of dirt, soot or grime? Thomas FX has a great selection of PPI and Mehron products which can be easily applied and easily removed, but so realistic.
    Glow In The Dark Makeup
    New Florescent Colors! Mehron has a great line of glow-in-the-dark makeup. Add some black light contact lenses. Watch the videos to create your own unique "glowing" look this Halloween or for any other festive occasion.
    Fangs & Teeth
    Vampire Fangs, Fake Teeth or Tooth Paint will add significantly to the characters you create with theatrical makeup effects from Thomas FX. Custom fit Vampire Fangs and Fake Teeth, or simply apply Tooth Paint to your own teeth to create black, brown, or yellow accents.
    Hair Products
    Instead of a wig, use colored hair spray on your own hair. Colored hair spray from Thomas FX comes in a rainbow of colors and can easily be removed. Special fx makeup combined with colored hair spray, tooth paint and theatrical contacts lenses will help you to create a truly unique character.
    Makeup Applicators
    For a professional result, special FX Makeup can be applied with various types of applicators including sponges, stipples, spatulas, brushes, grease pencils and powder puffs. Fake blood can be applied in the same way for a finishing touch as you create fresh or aged wounds and abrasions.
    Foam Latex Prosthetics
    Soft Foam Latex Mask Prosthetics are designed to be glued to your face using spirit gum. This creates the unique effect of having the prosthetic move with your changing facial expressions, creating the illusion that you have actually become your character. Adding a variety of makeup fx colors will bring your character to life.
    Latex Prosthetic Appliances
    Latex prosthetic appliances are ready made latex features that are easily applied with spirit gum. Adding a touch of blood or bruise makeup to blend against your real skin yields effects that are extremely realistic. There are many choices: Screws, bolts, cuts, scrapes, horns, ear tips, noses, bald caps, appendages ...
    Adhesives & Removers
    The best selection of Pros-Aide adhesive products and removers for use in special effects and other areas of professional make-up is now available at Thomas FX. The recent addition of Telesis and Beta Bond adhesives expand our product selection.
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