Discovery Channel's Daily Planet Filmed at Thomas FX Today

Once in awhile we get to pull out some of more exotic special effects equipment and create some spectacular special effects snow in our own backyard . . . well front yard in this case.

Snow, in September, in Vancouver?!

Today was just such a day as the Daily Planet's Mark Miller, with Director Brent Gilbert, filmed at Thomas FX all day today.

Mark expects the show to air sometime before Halloween, so keep checking in with the Daily Planet to find out when the segment at Thomas FX is set to air.

In the show you will find out so much about making special effects snow that you will be astonished by the diversity of special effects snow products.

You will also see Mark Miller COMPLETELY "embedded" in snow. To say that Mark is in "over his head" would not be an understatement in this case. Way to go Mark!

The entire crew had a lot of fun filming this show and I hope that you have as much fun viewing it.

Mark Miller Embedded at Thomas FX . . . Coming soon to Discovery Channel on a television set near you. Stay tuned for more information!

PS: Our dramatic snow special effects literally stopped traffic for most of the afternoon. If you hear about a highly localized blizzard in North Vancouver, relax . . . It was just us having fun.
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