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Snow Machines and Snow Fluids from Thomas FX are being shipped to entertainment professionals in every corner of the world. Order yours today and allow plenty of shipping time before we close down for the Christmas Holidays.
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SN-600 Snow Machine From Thomas FX

Thomas FX is very Proud of its SN-600 Snow machine and falling snow system. This is a professional level snow machine with DMX capabilities.

We searched far and wide to find a snow machine and snow system that delivered a high level of performance and reliability.

So far, with many hundreds now in operation around the world, the SN-600 has not let us down.

Manufactured specifically for Thomas FX by one of the world's foremost makers of artificial snow systems, the SN-600 is quickly being adopted be film industry special effects professionals everywhere. Everyone raves about the performance of this equipment.

However, like all professional quality equipment, it does have its Achilles Heel. . . . "operator error". 

Operator error includes: an operator not knowing how to operate the equipment, an operator allowing the fluid reservoir to run dry, an operator using the equipment in environments that are hostile to electrical equipment, an operator failing to clean the machine from time to time, and an operator who puts the wrong kind of fluid into the machine.

With a professional at the controls, and a touch of basic common sense, the SN-600 Snow System will exceed your expectations for years to come.

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Another First For Special Effects Technician Dieter Sturm

Long-time friend, colleague, and Academy Award winner, Special Effects Technician Dieter Sturm has just hit another one out of the park. He has invented one very cool jet powered fog machine. See it in action HERE. Dieter says "the SMOKE shown in these tests is NON-Toxic and we have MSDS sheets to back it up".

According to Dieter, using a commercial-grade micro jet turbine engine, massive amounts of fog and smoke can be quickly created for special effects visuals in motion pictures, TV, disaster simulation training, and special event projects.

Dieter's system is designed and built to be mobile, so very large areas can be fogged by physically driving the system as an STV. The new fogger can also be used in a static position. The jet turbine head, produces up to 150 lbs of thrust, and has an automated tilt feature to disperse down to the ground or up into the sky.

This jet turbine system was designed to be "modular", so with little effort the unit can be removed from this vehicle and can be integrated into other project uses.

You have seen Dieter's Special Effects work on recent projects such as: CONTAGION, UP IN THE AIR, FARGO, PUBLIC ENEMIES, and THE GUARDIAN. If you have not seen these movies, click on the links to view the trailers.

Way to go Dieter . . . You are STILL at the cutting edge of special effects technology!
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