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Our Green Policy

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To make a positive difference in the world by manufacturing and distributing environmentally friendly production supplies and quality FX equipment, that enable our clients to create impactful film projects that entertain more people, in more places, and do less harm to the planet.


Thomas FX, established in 1968, has long been acknowledged by the Global Film & Television Industry as a World Leader in Special Effects and high-quality production supplies.

Twenty years ago, disappointed by the poor quality and consistency of the artificial snow products being supplied by competitors to our industry, we invested a great deal of time and money to develop our now Patented SNO-FX! ™ line of Biodegradable artificial snow products; engineered to look and act just like real snow, falling, blowing, drifting, etc. We went on to develop a range of BIO ASH ™, compatible biodegradable artificial volcanic ash products, available in many colors and flake sizes. These product lines are manufactured by us from natural food-grade ingredients.

Over the decades, we continued to develop a host of other set-safe environmentally friendly products. Now, with the Climate Crisis upon us all, we have taken aggressive steps to ensure that an increasing number of our products, as well as our product packaging and operating practices, are also environmentally friendly. Many of our eco- friendly Thomas FX products can now also be ordered through a rapidly growing International Green Dealer Network of member companies.

We manufacture our biodegradable and compostable products using eco-friendly ingredients, then package them in new or recycled boxes that can then be repeatedly recycled. All labels and packaging tape are in the process of being converted to paper only, and we have received our first shipment of biodegradable bags to replace the single use plastic bags previously used. Plastic shipping pallets have been eliminated. Bulk orders will be shipped on heat treated pallets wrapped with biodegradable shrink wrap and paper labels.

We recycle as much of our office and industrial waste as possible, are using environmentally friendly cleaning materials, and are in sight of our goal to provide the Film & Television Industry with products that meet all the highest environmental standards and practices.

To make it easier for clients around the world to choose environmentally friendly products, we have placed a GREEN frame around compliant products throughout our website. To receive the GREEN FRAME, products and their packaging must be biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, or reusable.

We appreciate your continued support and encourage you to help us make a difference in the world by purchasing GREEN production-safe products from Thomas FX. Use them with confidence and in good health, then recycle responsibly.

Join our Green Revolution and help us to make a difference in the World!

Betty Thomas Quee, Owner
President & Board Chair
John Quee mba, Owner
Chief Executive Officer


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