Transmission Inc Books Thomas Studios For Seether Gig

Transmission Inc., a modern content production studio that offers full production, post, and new media creative services in Los Angeles and Vancouver, has booked Thomas Studios.

Transmission will be working in Thomas Studios this week producing a rock video for the popular metal band "Seether".

Seether , originally from South Africa, is currently on tour across Canada and the United States with a musical style they promote as " post grunge / alternative metal "  . . .  Good tunes guys! Kind of like a polished version of Nickelback, who they also gig with, but with more attitude. If you haven't heard their music before, have a listen. 2012 Tour Dates Here.

Special thanks to Transmission for choosing Thomas Studios. We are all looking forward to hosting your project this week.

Fan Photo . . . Seether Tour  . . . Apollo 2012

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1 1/4" Realistic Acrylic Ice Cubes - New Product

At Thomas FX we like to give our customers quality choices and are always on the lookout for new products.

Here is the latest addition to our Fake Ice & Icicles website catagory . . . 1 1/4" acrylic ice cubes. These artificial ice cubes are the most realistic cubes we have found . . . . so far.

The edges of the cubes are partially rounded, just as the edges of real ice cubes melting in a glass would be. There are even air bubbles in the cubes, just like the air bubbles in real ice cubes.

This is a nice addition to our established line of artificial ice cubes that include acrylic ice cubes measuring, 3/8" , 5/8" , 3/4" , 1" , and now 1 1/4" .

We still manufacture our popular realistic rubber ice cubes that look like ice cubes that have just come out of your refrigerator . . . and they actually float! If you prefer, we can purchase a block of optically clear rubber ice that you can break into floating ice chunks or chips in sizes of your choice.

In addition, we offer two sizes of acrylic ice chips for people who prefer a crushed ice look in their film production, photo shoot, live event, or store window display.

Shop Online , or come into our North Vancouver store to view artificial snow and ice products in a fully appointed Snow & Ice Display room where three types of variable lighting can create a lighting environment similar to that which will exist on your set or display.

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