Safety on Set Adds New Layer of Reality

VANCOUVER SUN - AUG 15, 2020   

For doc-style filmmakers, set safety can get complex.

The blue-collar reality TV genre takes real Canadian working-class tales to views all over the world.  Filming shows such as Mud Mountain, Heavy Rescue: 401, Save My Reno, Queen of the Oil Patch, and Highway Thru Hell is challenging, due to the dangerous occupations and conditions they document.  COVID-19 adds another layer of danger and makes filming reality TV a lot more real.  

Social distancing, hand washing, masks, reduced crew sizes, and assigning crew members to bubbles with specific characters all help to reduce the risk and enable production to resume.  Electrostatic sanitizing sprays and high intensity BioTech UV sanitizing lights, available through Canadian distributor, Thomas FX, can also be used  to decontaminate spaces, supplies, and equipment.

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Posted by Thomas FX
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