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Story of Success – Interview with Betty and John Quee of Thomas FX

Story of Success – Interview with Betty and John Quee of Thomas FX

Story of SuccessFeb 25, 2021 - Hollywood North Magazine 

There are many women contributing in the industry and one of the first to come into Canada’s film industry to thrive was the amazing Betty Quee who has had quite a lot of experience working in 2nd unit directing and stunt coordination to working and operating Thomas FX, one of the greatest prop and setup designing companies in Vancouver and pretty much anywhere on Earth.
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Thomas FX Awarded Innovation/Switching Gears Award by North Vancouver Chamber

Thomas FX Awarded Innovation/Switching Gears Award by North Vancouver Chamber

OCT 20, 2020   The North Vancouver Chamber is proud to announce the Winners of the 2020 COVID-19 Local Leaders Awards in recognition of excellence in the North Vancouver business community during the pandemic.

These awards showcase a few of the many members of our business community who deserve our recognition for demonstrating initiative, community support and local leadership during these challenging times.

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What’s COVID-19 doing to the value of your small business? - Editorial

What’s COVID-19 doing to the value of your small business? - Editorial

OCTOBER 14, 2020 - The Canadian Federation of Independent Business’ (CFIB) data for August found that for almost half of small businesses, monthly revenues were 75% or more of the prior year. Businesses that are surviving the impacts of COVID-19 demonstrate resiliency and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

Some businesses have added new product lines and expanded their customer base. Thomas FX Group Inc., a North Vancouver-based supplier of specialty products to the movie industry, best known for biodegradable snow and ash products (used in The Revenant, Avengers: Infinity War, Star Trek: Into the Darkness, etc.) became the exclusive distributor of a line of high-intensity UV lights and sanitizing chemicals, and now has added doctors, dentists, and gyms as customers.

Read the full editorial on bccpa.ca
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Safety on Set Adds New Layer of Reality

Safety on Set Adds New Layer of Reality

VANCOUVER SUN - AUG 15, 2020   

For doc-style filmmakers, set safety can get complex.

The blue-collar reality TV genre takes real Canadian working-class tales to views all over the world.  Filming shows such as Mud Mountain, Heavy Rescue: 401, Save My Reno, Queen of the Oil Patch, and Highway Thru Hell is challenging, due to the dangerous occupations and conditions they document.  COVID-19 adds another layer of danger and makes filming reality TV a lot more real.  

Click here to read the Vancouver Sun article.
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Global TV - Believe BC: North Shore company pivots to avoid economic disaster due to COVID-19 pandemic

Global TV - Believe BC: North Shore company pivots to avoid economic disaster due to COVID-19 pandemic

Global TV report screenshotJuly 29, 2020 - A North Shore TV and movie special effects company had an ‘enlightened’ idea to avoid financial disaster when their industry was shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic. Aaron McArthur reports.

Click here to watch the Global TV report.

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COVID-19 Closure & Safety Protocols

COVID-19 Closure & Safety Protocols

We are still here to take your calls and emails, at our usual numbers, but Thomas FX is closed temporarily, during the Global economic and health crises. New health and safety protocols will be in effect once we are authorized to reopen . . . . 
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American Cinematographer Article: Thomas FX

American Cinematographer Article: Thomas FX

An article published in American Cinematographer Magazine about Thomas FX's innovative, environmentally-friendly Sno-FX product.

Thomas FX Group Inc. has released Sno-FX, a biodegradable, non-toxic, artificial snow developed specifically to the high grade demanded by motion-picture productions.
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Thomas FX™ Announces International Brand and Patent Licensing Opportunity

Thomas FX™ Announces International Brand and Patent Licensing Opportunity

Globe in HandsWith the intention of reducing environmental waste from the film industry, Thomas FX Group Inc. today announced that they will be offering brand and patent licensing opportunities around the world for qualified special effects businesses and production supply companies currently servicing the film and television industries around the world. Master franchises for Thomas FX’s patented biodegradable products are also being offered.
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Thomas FX Works with Hollywood North to Improve Sustainability

Thomas FX Works with Hollywood North to Improve Sustainability

Thomas FX patents for Biodegradable Fake Snow and AshThe BC Film industry faces enormous environmental challenges, including micro plastics entering the ocean and atmosphere from fake snow and other special effects. Thomas FX makes safe, food-grade biodegradable snow and ash for the film industry.  Read the full Vancouver Sun article.
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Thomas FX is paving the way for a greener film industry around the world.

Thomas FX is paving the way for a greener film industry around the world.

Go Green Or GO HomeIndustry stalwart special effects supplier Thomas FX provides the highest quality true biodegradable artificial snow for film and television production
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Snow Day ... Closing At Noon

Snow Day ... Closing At Noon

To ensure our crew makes it home safely, Thomas FX will close at Noon today.
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Thomas FX Making Movie History In 1989

Thomas FX Making Movie History In 1989

The Fly 21989 - The Fly II - John Thomas, Mike Walls and Tony Lazarowich working on set together!
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FAQ: "Who Makes Fake Snow?"

Who Makes Fake Snow?Thomas FX is the world's foremost manufacturer and distributor of quality fake snow products. Serving the needs of a demanding film and television industry since 1968 we have developed a wide range of fake snow and ice products that are second to none and we have the patents to prove it. Wherever snow movies are being made in the world, fake snow and fake ice products from Thomas FX are being used. 

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Thomas FX will be closed on Friday November 4 to give our crew a well deserved personal day off. We will re-open Monday November 7 at 8:30 am.

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Our Sun Never Sets

Somewhere in the world the sun is shining on a Thomas FX customer right now . . . . 24 hours a day! 

In fact, after 45 years in business, we now have customers in so many countries around the planet that the sun quite literally never sets on Thomas FX customers. 

Thank you everyone . . . . Thank you world!

Through our ongoing commitment to providing outstanding service, no matter where our customers live or work, we have become experts in Global Logistics and are able to land critical production supplies anywhere on the planet in unlimited quantities, on time, and on budget every time.

We have gone to great expense to make doing business with us easy. As a result, customers can and do shop online in our dynamic web store 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

If you are not relying on Thomas FX to supply entertaining special effects production supplies for your current project . . . .WHY NOT? 

Contact Us . . . . Our prices are competitive and our service is second to none.

How can we help you today?

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Web News - New Halloween Category - Halloween Inflatables

We have already received hundreds of new Halloween products with hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds, more due to arrive within the next two weeks.

As previously mentioned, with our product lines expanding and some of our product categories now containing up to 20 pages of products, we are breaking out groups of products into new Halloween categories.

Our latest new Halloween category is called Halloween Inflatables. Since not everyone likes the darker side of Halloween, and in response to a number of customer requests, we are actively expanding our line of colorful inflatable products.

Do stay tuned as we continue to add new Halloween products, and new Halloween categories.

By the way, yesterday we received a large order of laser lighting effects and will be adding them to the site soon. People have been asking us for years to stock Halloween Lighting Effects. Well . . . we heard you. they are in stock and will be published in our Online Store soon.

Meanwhile, we are continuing to work on the 2012 Dark Zone, and I am pleased to report that things are starting to shape up nicely. When you visit us, I am sure you will love this year's Dark Zone experience.
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