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Betty Thomas Inducted into the Canadian Stunt Hall of Fame

Betty Thomas Inducted into the Canadian Stunt Hall of Fame

Betty Thomas with Canadian Stunt Hall of Fame plaquesJohn Quee, Chief Executive Officer of the Thomas FX Group Inc., is pleased to announce that Betty Thomas, Company President and Co-Founder, has been inducted into The Canadian Stunt Hall Of Fame. Company Founder, John Thomas, was also inducted (posthumously).
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Story of Success – Interview with Betty and John Quee of Thomas FX

Story of Success – Interview with Betty and John Quee of Thomas FX

Story of SuccessFeb 25, 2021 - Hollywood North Magazine 

There are many women contributing in the industry and one of the first to come into Canada’s film industry to thrive was the amazing Betty Quee who has had quite a lot of experience working in 2nd unit directing and stunt coordination to working and operating Thomas FX, one of the greatest prop and setup designing companies in Vancouver and pretty much anywhere on Earth.
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Remembering John Thomas 1947-1994

Remembering John Thomas 1947-1994

R.I.P John ThomasToday marks the 25'th anniversary of the passing of John Thomas, Founder Thomas FX. John passed at 5:50 pm (PST) March 22, 1994 with his beloved wife Betty at his side . . . . . 
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 Open Thursday From 10:00 AM

Open Thursday From 10:00 AM

Thomas FX is closed today, Wednesday August 17. 

We will resume normal business hours on Thursday morning from 10:00 AM. 

Betty had eye surgery this morning and is now at home recovering. 

After a quick followup visit with her surgeon first thing in the morning we will head to the office for our late 10:00 opening. 

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this mid-week closure might have caused. 

Normal business hours and emergency after hours service will resume tomorrow. 

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Thank You Customers Around The World

John Quee and Betty Quee, Co-Owners of Thomas FX and recipients of the North Vancouver Chamber Of Commerce's "Business Of The Year Award", wish to thank the thousands of loyal customers around the world who support Thomas FX every year, and who have made this special award possible.

We truly value your trust and your ongoing loyalty. On behalf of the entire team at Thomas FX we offer our sincerest thanks and look forward to supporting your next production ... no matter where that might be.

We are honored that so many people consider the Thomas FX team to be their partners in production. 

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RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

Every year the Royal Bank of Canada sponsors the prestigious Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

On May 9'th between 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm the British Columbia Forum for Women Entrepreneurs has organized an information seminar on the 35'th floor of the Royal Bank Building at 1055 West Georgia Street in Vancouver.

Betty Thomas Quee, President of Thomas FX, will be one of the panel presenters at this event. Betty was nominated for Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year in 1997, and again in 1998 when she WON the Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Betty has been a role model and mentor for Women Entrepreneurs for many years and has volunteered as a Judge for the annual Awards competion for nearly a decade. She is an Honourary Lifetime Member of BC Women In Film & Video.

Throughout her career Betty has always been at the forefront of change and innovation. She was the first female Stuntperson in Canada, the first female Stunt Coordinator in Canada, the first female Second Unit Director in Canada, and to our knowledge the first and only film industry Woman Entrepreneur to be recognized as Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year. It is only fitting that she is also President and Board Chair of the Thomas FX Group  . . .  the first Special Effects company in Canada.

Betty has also received the international "Ambassador's Award" from Canada's Ambassador to the United States, presented to her in Washington DC, the "Award of Merit" from the British Columbia Film Commission for her "Contribution to the Development of the BC Film Industry", and several awards from the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce for "Business Excellence"... for "Innovation", and for "Best Business".

Panel Presenters will include:

Susanna Carson | CEO, BSI Biodegradable Solutions (Past Award Winner)
Barb Mowat | CEO, Impact Communications Limited (Past Award Winner & Judge)
Betty Thomas Quee | President & Board Chair, Thomas FX Group (Past Award Winner & Judge)

Moderated by:
Jill Earthy | CEO, FWE (Judge)
RBC Advice & Best Practices:
Suzanne Rutherford | Vice President Enterprise Collaboration, RBC
Betty McLeod | Sales Manager, Small Business, RBC
Vanessa Noga | Senior Account Manager, Commercial Financial Services, RBC

If you are a Canadian Woman Entrepreneur and would like to attend this event, CLICK HERE for more information, and register. Full attendance is expected so if you are interested . . . Act now!
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A couple of people have asked about the photo in my last Blog . . . . "Was that some kind of special effects trick, or could John Thomas really walk on water?" In the photo, which was given to us by Charlton Heston in appreciation for our work on his film "Motherlode", John Thomas is standing on the BOTTOM of a float plane in which wife Betty had just crashed, nearly losing her life.

Betty Thomas, a stuntwoman on the film, was flying with a pilot who was inexperienced at landing on northern mountain lakes. When the pilot tried to land, one of his pontoons dropped low and tipped the plane into the lake. The plane came to rest upside down in an ice cold glacial lake with Betty and the pilot still strapped inside. BOTH people nearly lost their lives in that crash. However, as the plane crashed Betty had the presence of mind to brace herself, release her seat belt, and crack her door open so the water would not trap them inside the sinking plane. In the process of escaping from the plane she also rescued the dazed pilot, pulling him from the submerged plane to the surface and safety.

Since John Thomas died in 1994 she has kept our company alive and thriving in her role as President & Board Chair. Betty was the first female stunt performer, first female Stunt Coordinator, and first female Second Unit Director, in Canada. She has won numerous Canadian and International Awards, including Canadian Female Entrepreneur Of The year. After winning the coveted award, she was invited to judge the prestigious Awards competition, and has continued in that role for almost a decade.

Customers who call into our company seldom realize the accomplishments of the person who is on the other end of the phone. For Betty it is all about helping other people to succeed and she is very good in that role, even though she rarely gets any recognition . . . . even a thank you would be nice from time to time, but she soldiers on regardless, making a difference in the world every single day.
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