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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
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All COVID-19 Protective 
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Social Distancing.

We reserve the right to limit or 
deny access to our building.

Practice COVID Protocols
 Stay Safe!


According to the weatherman today, it is time for a little "snow on the pumpkin" here is British Columbia. Thomas FX has been shipping large amounts of artificial snow and ice to our many retail display and film customers throughout North America all year . . .  
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Today all remaining FIREWORKS are being sold at 25% OFF the manufacturer's suggested retail price. Pricing on remaining inventory previously advertised during our MONSTER INVENTORY BLOWOUT SALE at 50% will continue until everything is sold out. 

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All Fireworks are being sold at 10% OFF today. Please bring your Permit and Government issued ID with proof of age. In-Store sales only. TELL EVERYONE!
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Our MONSTER VALUE INVENTORY SALE CONTINUES . . . DO NOT MISS THIS SALE!!! Hurry in while we still have a good stock. Quality Family Fireworks are also being sold in our store at competitive prices. Please bring your permit.

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Thomas FX Inflatables Now 50% OFF

Thomas FX Inflatables Now 50% OFF

Thomas FX Inflatables Now On Sale
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Family Fireworks Now On Sale

Family Fireworks Now On Sale

Family Fireworks are now on Sale at Thomas FX, until October 31. In-Store sales only. Purchase your permit today.
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All Tombstones Now 50% OFF

All Tombstones Now 50% OFF

All tombstones are being cleared out at 50% OFF regular prices until October 31'st.
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Please Buy Fireworks Permit Before You Shop

Please Buy Fireworks Permit Before You Shop

Family FireworksTomorrow, Tuesday October 25, Thomas FX will start selling family fireworks. To speed up the experience, and keep things moving quickly for everyone in the store, we recommend buying a Fireworks Permit before you shop. Permits cost $2.00 and may be purchased online from the District Of North Vancouver.
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Black Sclera Halloween Contacts In Stock

Responding to requests from several customers, we now have Black Sclera Theatrical Contact Lenses in stock. 

Our Red Sclera Contacts are inbound and should arrive soon.

Other high quality Sclera Halloween Contact Lenses may be purchased through our online store on a custom order basis.

We have also added 9 new designs to our inventory of Stock Theatrical Halloween Contact Lenses with additional new designs still enroute.

Thank you everyone for input and customer feedback on the additional products that you wanted us to stock.

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2013 Halloween Contact Lens Trend

2013 Halloween Contact Lens Trend

We have just returned from an exhausting Halloween buying trip and thought we should bring a new 2013 Halloween developing trend to your attention . . . . CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP Halloween theatrical contact lenses.

Seriously, we could not believe how many vendors we ran across selling really cheap Halloween Contacts. 

Curious about this phenomenon, we struck up a conversation with one such vendor who bragged that his company owner used to work for the company from which we purchase our Halloween Contacts. He went on to point out that all of the designs were basically the same. When asked, he admitted that his boss "ripped off" the designs from our supplier and was producing their Halloween contacts in the Philippines. 

He also told us that their lenses were basically disposable, whereas the Halloween contacts sold by Thomas FX are of a much higher quality, can be worn for 30 consecutive days, or can last for many years if used more sparingly and cared for properly. 

So buyer beware, the market this Halloween will be flooded with really cheap contact lenses made in the Philippines. They may not be of the highest quality. The fit may not be very comfortable. The paint used to create the designs might hurt your eyes . . . . . But they will be CHEAP . . . Likely in the range of $29 - $39 a pair.

In contrast the Halloween contact lenses sold by Thomas FX are supplied by a company in the USA from the highest quality materials. They are manufactured by a highly reputable company, have been tested and approved by the FDA, and are both comfortable and safe to wear. We sell these high quality Halloween contact lenses for $59.99 a pair, and each pair comes with a free contact lens storage case. Betty has several pairs, some of which she bought 3 years ago, and they are all still in good shape and still comfortable to wear.

This year we will be offering quite a few new and innovative designs so stay tuned . . . more choices are on the way and will be in our store, and in our online store, very soon. We also offer a large selection of stunning Custom Halloween Contacts and Sclera Contacts by special order (allow 3 - 4 weeks for delivery). 

If you only plan to wear your Halloween contact lenses once, don't care if they might not be very comfortable, and aren't concerned about the fact that they might hurt your eyes, then you might as well save the extra $20 and take a chance. Please just don't complain that the lenses we sell cost $20 more than the really cheap lenses. They are simply NOT the same product.

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Halloween Mask Collection Now On Display

We have been furiously receiving and merchandising container loads of unique quality Halloween Props and have finally managed to display our 2012 Collection of Halloween Masks.

This is our best assortment of collector masks ever. They are made for us in Central America and painted by hand. Each mask is literally a work of art that must be seen to be believed.

These masks are designed to be modified for a custom fit to the shape of one individual's head.

For sanitary reasons however, we do not let people try the masks on. After all, would you feel comfortable wearing a mask that 40 or 50 people might have already tried on? Yuk!

This year we have a number of smaller less expensive masks for serious little haunters.

It is going to take a week or so to get all of these onto our website, but please keep visiting our Masks & Costume Accessories online store category.

Meanwhile, our bricks and mortar store is open today until 2:00 so feel free to stop by.

The Other Candidate
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Web News - New Halloween Category - Halloween Inflatables

We have already received hundreds of new Halloween products with hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds, more due to arrive within the next two weeks.

As previously mentioned, with our product lines expanding and some of our product categories now containing up to 20 pages of products, we are breaking out groups of products into new Halloween categories.

Our latest new Halloween category is called Halloween Inflatables. Since not everyone likes the darker side of Halloween, and in response to a number of customer requests, we are actively expanding our line of colorful inflatable products.

Do stay tuned as we continue to add new Halloween products, and new Halloween categories.

By the way, yesterday we received a large order of laser lighting effects and will be adding them to the site soon. People have been asking us for years to stock Halloween Lighting Effects. Well . . . we heard you. they are in stock and will be published in our Online Store soon.

Meanwhile, we are continuing to work on the 2012 Dark Zone, and I am pleased to report that things are starting to shape up nicely. When you visit us, I am sure you will love this year's Dark Zone experience.
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Sclera Special Effects Contact Lenses for Halloween

A customer in the store yesterday asked us if we ever brought in sclera theatrical contact lenses. Since we had none in our display case, this was a reasonable question. "Yes, we can" is the answer.

It dawned on us that unless someone had found sclera contacts on our website they would have no way of knowing whether or not we had any. This was definitely an "aha" moment. We are so used to store customers who browse through our website before coming to the store, that it was something of a novelty for someone just to drop in. Nice to have that reality check.

We always have a large stock of Halloween theatrical contact lenses on hand and customers can easily choose the right ones from a well lit display case. Our theatrical contact lenses are made in the United States and are FDA approved. These are high quality Halloween contact lenses that can last years if you store and handle them properly. We charge $59.99 . . . A PAIR . . . for our contacts, and they include a contact lens storage case at that price.

It is more typical for online contact lens sellers to quote low prices to attract new customers. However, if you read the small print you will soon discover that those low prices are for ONE contact lens, or for lenses that are virtually DISPOSABLE. These are not the same quality as the Halloween contact lenses that we sell. Be very careful when choosing contact lenses. Some cheap foreign knock offs can actually damage your eyes. Always buy quality trusted brands.

To make things easier for everyone, we just separated sclera lenses from our custom contact lens page. Now, for added convenience, you can view all of our sclera lenses on the same page. When you order custom or sclera theatrical contact lenses, either online or through our store, please allow three to four weeks for delivery. The new sclera page can be found under the Halloween Supplies section of our Online Store.
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Fireworks Permits ... Play Safe ... Stay Safe on Halloween

Yes . . . We sell Fire Department Fireworks Permits. They cost $2.00 each.

All Permit money collected goes directly to the District Of North Vancouver Fire Department.

You must buy a new DNVFD Permit every time you make a Fireworks purchase.

The Permit allows you to Purchase, Own, and Transport Fireworks in the District of North Vancouver, and to discharge them in the District on October 31'st.

If you live outside the District of North Vancouver you may also need to purchase an additional Permit from your local Fire Department to discharge Fireworks in your municipality.

Some Municipalities have completely banned the use of Fireworks. (Happily, we have a more enlightened Civic Government in the Districts Of North and West Vancouver.) Check with your local Fire Department to find out if you can set off Fireworks in your area.

Fireworks in the District Of North Vancouver may ONLY be discharged on October 31'st between 6:00 pm - 12:00 pm.

If you choose to discharge Fireworks at other times there will likely be consequences.

You must be 18 years of age to purchase and discharge Fireworks in the District of North Vancouver.

NO . . . . We do NOT make these rules . . . we just follow them . . . These are good rules that keep us all safe. Play Safe . . . Stay Safe.

NO . . . . We are NOT the Fireworks Police . . . but break the rules and you might meet them.

YES . . . .  If you hassle us about the Permit . . . or tell us you plan to break the rules . . . we will likely not sell Fireworks to you, so PLEASE . . . We are all very tired right now so, with all due respect, check your attitude at the door or take your business somewhere else.
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