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Health & Safety

COVID-19 Health and SafetyWe are proud to represent high quality lines of Canadian and American made BioTech UV Viral Santizing Lighting fixtures, Protective Plexi-Glass Barriers and Global  COVID-19 Health and Safety Equipment & Supplies for Film & Television Production: Plexi-Glass Protective Barriers, Sanitizing Fluids, Sanitizing Equipment, and Sanitizing Foggers as the official Dealer in Canada.

During these critical days of the COVID-19 Virus, it is essential to deep clean, and sanitize often with Ultra violet light or chemical foggers so everyone can remain safe. It is also essential to observe proper social distancing protocols and erect Protective Plexi Barriers to isolate key work areas where people conduct business.

    BioTech UV CANADA
    NOTE: All remaining BioTech UV lighting and sanitization fixtures will be sold at or below cost, while quantities last, and we will not accept orders for any items not part of our liquidation stock. UVC Sanitizing Lights are ideal for film and television studios, public spaces, retail, gyms, medical offices, dental facilitates schools, etc. There is no known microorganism that is immune to UVC exposure.
    Worksafe PPE Clean Carts
    In order to best provide a safe and healthy work environment, which will allow the film and photography industries to return to work confidently, the Safe Set Cart has become a necessity on all working sets. It also allows live events that desperately require safe restarts.
    Studio Sanitizing Equipment
    It is becoming increasingly more important to disinfect and sanitize regularly and more thoroughly. There isn’t a more effective or efficient way to disinfect right now than to use room sanitizers of electrostatic disinfection sprayers to keep Film and Television Studio facilities, public spaces, malls, commercial buildings or offices safe! Call Thomas FX today to place your order.
    COVID Eqmt. Accessories
    COVID-19 Equipment accessories are available to make the equipment easier to use and enable maximize coverage. Hose extensions, carts and back packs available. Call Thomas FX now and help to get us all through the Covid-19 pandemic!
    Studio Sanitizing Chemicals
    Various types of sanitizers and antiseptics available for all uses, television and film studios, homes, schools, gyms, and all public facilities. It is essential in these times to deep clean and sanitize often with an anti viral spray to keep your studio safe for everyone during these dangerous COVID-19 times!
    Plexiglass Protective Shields
    Plexiglass protective safety shields now available for all film and television productions, studios and live events. We have a variety of sizes and styles available and urge you to place you order now. Once you place your order you can pick up in approximately 4 days, subject to sales volume.
COVID-19 Health And Safety
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