Fireworks Permits ... Play Safe ... Stay Safe on Halloween

Yes . . . We sell Fire Department Fireworks Permits. They cost $2.00 each.

All Permit money collected goes directly to the District Of North Vancouver Fire Department.

You must buy a new DNVFD Permit every time you make a Fireworks purchase.

The Permit allows you to Purchase, Own, and Transport Fireworks in the District of North Vancouver, and to discharge them in the District on October 31'st.

If you live outside the District of North Vancouver you may also need to purchase an additional Permit from your local Fire Department to discharge Fireworks in your municipality.

Some Municipalities have completely banned the use of Fireworks. (Happily, we have a more enlightened Civic Government in the Districts Of North and West Vancouver.) Check with your local Fire Department to find out if you can set off Fireworks in your area.

Fireworks in the District Of North Vancouver may ONLY be discharged on October 31'st between 6:00 pm - 12:00 pm.

If you choose to discharge Fireworks at other times there will likely be consequences.

You must be 18 years of age to purchase and discharge Fireworks in the District of North Vancouver.

NO . . . . We do NOT make these rules . . . we just follow them . . . These are good rules that keep us all safe. Play Safe . . . Stay Safe.

NO . . . . We are NOT the Fireworks Police . . . but break the rules and you might meet them.

YES . . . .  If you hassle us about the Permit . . . or tell us you plan to break the rules . . . we will likely not sell Fireworks to you, so PLEASE . . . We are all very tired right now so, with all due respect, check your attitude at the door or take your business somewhere else.
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1006 Belmont Haunt in North Vancouver Featured

Jim & Danielle Myers Haunt Featured
If  you have seen this week's North Shore Outlook, you might have noticed a "Frightfully Fun" photograph promoting an amazing haunt at 1006 Belmont Avenue in North Vancouver.

The Haunt is run by our customers Jim and Danielle Myers. Jim and Danielle dropped into our store again today and are seen here holding their Outlook photo.

In the photo they are holding, Jim is wearing the  amazing Giant Vampire walkabout costume he purchased at Thomas FX.

The Myers' haunt is open from 6:30 to 9:30 pm every day until Halloween.

Belmont is located just off Highland Avenue in the Edgemont Area of North Vancouver. Make sure you drop by and make a donation to B.C. Children's Hospital.

Don't forget to let Jim and Danielle know that you appreciate what they are doing to make a difference in our community.

They really went over the top to make sure their neighbourhood haunt was the best.

Mission accomplished!
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