Safety on Set Adds New Layer of Reality

VANCOUVER SUN - AUG 15, 2020   

For doc-style filmmakers, set safety can get complex.

The blue-collar reality TV genre takes real Canadian working-class tales to views all over the world.  Filming shows such as Mud Mountain, Heavy Rescue: 401, Save My Reno, Queen of the Oil Patch, and Highway Thru Hell is challenging, due to the dangerous occupations and conditions they document.  COVID-19 adds another layer of danger and makes filming reality TV a lot more real.  

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Thomas FX, Distributor Of BioTech UV, in Need of International Dealers

VANCOUVER, BC – AUG  2020 – As COVID-19 cases continue to increase on a global scale, legendary special effects company, Thomas FX, has become a distributor of BioTech UV Technology. Now, Thomas FX is looking for international dealers to help them ensure this technology is available on a larger scale to help industries, communities, and businesses return to work safely.

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