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A visit to the Thomas FX retail store is an experience you won't soon forget. At Thomas FX, it is Halloween 365 days of the year.

Choose from thousands of products displayed in themed props and decorations, fog machines & fluids, costume accessories, theatrical contact lenses, latex prosthetics and makeup FX. Everything is displayed in themed walk-through clusters to inspire your decorating genius.

At Thomas FX we sell value, quality, and an entertaining family experience, rather than just products in boxes. Many of our customers tell us our products are far superior to seasonal products offered by "big box" competitors, and that our prices beat the competition hands down.

As a result of quality products, undeniable value, and an unbeatable entertainment experience, we have become a Halloween and seasonal destination in our community. Many of our customers travel for hours to experience our retail store. In addition, many out of Province visitors to Vancouver now include a visit to Thomas FX as part of their Vancouver tourism experience.

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Every year, we create unique environments in our store that are fun and entertaining for the entire family. Our themes are constantly changing and always unique. All festive seasons flow through Halloween. For example, at Christmas it looks like a blizzard has just blown through.
If you have ever wondered what it would look like if Hell were to actually freeze over . . . come in and experience our annual "Frightmare Before Christmas" Sale.. Many of our regular customers pick up unique Halloween items at deep discount prices and gift them to family members and friends at Christmas. Halloween at Christmas? . . Why Not?!
Happily, the freeze thaws just in time for our annual "Bunnies & Bones" presentation; an interesting mix of traditional Easter décor with a decidedly spooky twist.


Of course the rest of the year we are full on Halloween. Visit our "DARK ZONE". Imagine, thousands of square feet of stunning Halloween exhibits with lots of special effects, theatrical lighting, creepy interactive surprises, and genuine movie props mixed in.
We design many of our own products and distribute them to five of the leading retail chains in the United States. In addition, we ship to customers in 40 countries around the globe.
Most people tell us that they have never seen anything like our store, or our products, anywhere. They also tell us that they can't believe the quality of our products, or our reasonable prices! One visit to our retail store and you will be telling friends about us for the rest of the season, and the rest of the year.


Each year, we stock a large assortment of quality Halloween fireworks... fireworks with a serious "WOW!" factor. We sell our fireworks at competitive prices but without the duds, pricing games, and marketing tricks. At Thomas FX you can count on finding quality, value, and outstanding family entertainment, all at competitive prices.

Shop year-round for unique Halloween gifts for family, friends and festive occasions, or choose from thousands of seasonal items.

Truly, there is nothing like Thomas FX's year-round Halloween 365 store anywhere!

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