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Thomas FX provides artificial snow effects, snow products, production supplies, pyrotechnics, custom breakaway glass, and mechanical effects rental equipment to the movie, theatrical, special events, and themed attractions industries. We distribute more than 4,000 SKU's from one convenient location to professionals in the entertainment industry and retail consumers around the world. In the process of delivering award winning service to clients we have become experts in logistics, global sourcing and worldwide distribution.

You have seen our products used in: Superman 1, Alive, Jumanji, Cliffhanger, Medicine Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, I Robot, Disney's Eight Below, Day After Tomorrow, Night at the Museum, Catwoman, Brokeback Mountain, Legends Of The Fall, Seven Years In Tibet, or thousands of other Hollywood features and television programs. Were it possible to count the people who have been entertained by film projects we have participated in since 1973, and by the consumer products we have sold, that number would be in the billions.

Thomas FX has established a strong brand presence in the retail industry and is proud to distribute entertaining special effects and Set Dec Props Display products globally through a number of the world's foremost retail chains. Business owners have told us that our Halloween and Christmas products attract new customers, generate incremental sales, and result in additional profits for their stores.

Thomas FX branded products can also be found in many leading airline Sky Mall catalogues and have been featured repeatedly by HGTV television, and print media, throughout North America.

Buy now online, look for Thomas FX branded products in your favorite neighborhood stores, or CONTACT US for more information.

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Red Hot Snow
Thomas FX is a world leader in artificial snow, fake snow, and artificial snow effects including artificial snow decorations, artificial snow special effects rental equipment and artificial snow production supplies for film production, special events, hotels, shopping malls, and themed tourism attractions. We manufacture our own line of biodegradable snow products and distribute quality products from Snow Business, SnowMasters, and LeMaitre. If you do not see what you are looking for Contact Us.
Thomas FX special effects artificial fake movie snow artificial snow effects
Film & Event Production Supplies
Thomas FX carries a complete selection of special effects production supplies such as pyro devices and supplies, tapes of every description, fog and snow fluids, breakaway glass, artificial snow, and makeup effects. For quality production supplies and outstanding service Thomas FX cannot be beaten. We support many of the world's top entertainment professionals working on six continents with quality special effects production supplies, and our expertise in global logistics ensures that your orders will arrive on time and on budget every time.
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Movie Special Effects Equipment
Thomas FX is your leading supplier of special effects equipment for entertainment productions. View our special effects equipment online and order today, or call us if you do not see what you are looking for. We are proud to distribute Snow Business, SnowMasters, LeMaitre, Mole Richardson, Artem, Igeba, and our own Thomas FX brands of NEW special effects equipment. We also have a large stock of top quality USED equipment for sale. Consignments of quality used equipment are welcome.
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Snow Business Artificial Snow
Snow Business artificial snow and snow special effects products are distributed throughout Canada by Thomas FX, a world leader in artificial snow and ice special effects. Snow Business products are widely acknowledged to be the world's best paper cellulose and snow polymer artificial snow products. Snow Business products are used in many of the world's most successful blockbuster movies and Thomas FX is proud to be the Canadian distributor. We regularly stock a large quantity ot Snow Business products at all times.
Snow Business, HS, FS, HSX, FSX, snow polymer, C 90, faux snow, fake snow,  artificial snow, special effects at Thomas FX
Set Dec Props Display
Looking for unique items for production set dec, film props, themed attractions and events, or visual merchandising store displays? Thomas FX stocks a large line of seasonally themed items year round for every occasion. We design many of our set dec and visual merchandising products and have them manufactured to exacting standards. If you are looking for unique items for set dec or props for your store display, next production or themed event, look no further.
winter, Christmas, Easter, Spring, Summer, halloween, decore, decor, props, visual display, visual merchandising, themed events, store display, set dec supplies, movie props
Halloween Creatures & Props
Our Thomas FX Halloween store is stocked 365 days/year with thousands of unique Halloween decorations and scary props. Looking for skeletons, body parts, severed heads, spiders, snakes, giant monsters, goblins, ground breakers, animated props, weapons, unusual masks and costumes, dungeon walls, fog machines and fluids, contact lenses, or makeup effects? Our Halloween products are featured in haunted attractions and theme parks around the world, distributed by 5 of North America's leading retail chains, and enjoyed by satisfied customers in 40 countries.
oversized ghouls, skeletons, body parts, severed heads, spiders, snakes, monsters, goblins, animated props, weapons, unusual masks and costumes, dungeon walls, fog machines and fluids, contact lenses, makeup effects
Film Rental Equipment
We have a large inventory of high quality special effects rental equipment for use by special effects and entertainment professionals working on productions and attractions around the world: gasoline and electric wind machines, snow machines of every description, fog steam and mist equipment, rain trusses and towers, turntables, stunt mats, dummies, prop weapons, and other items too numerous to mention. We match all competitors' advertised prices on comparable items. Contact us for details.
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