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COVID-19 Health and SafetyCOVID-19 BioTech UVCAttack dangerous viral infection without using chemicals. Ultra Violet Light has been used extensively for more than 40 years in disinfecting drinking water, wastewater, air, hospitals, pharmaceutical products, and surfaces against a wide range of human pathogens including human Corona Virus.

For added safety Biotech UV and UVC Lighting can also be used in conjunction with BioTech room sanitizers. 

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    All BioTech UV Products
    Our Mission is to mitigate the transmission of bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19 by utilizing innovative disinfection solutions that include the latest in UVC light products. Biotech UV is a proven Technology – Safe - Effective – Affordable; Protecting you, your employees, and your customers, is easier and more affordable than you think!
    Commercial UVC Lights
    UVC lights significantly reduce the amount of microbes on surfaces, in ductwork, and other airspace. BioTech UVC lights have the ability to kill viruses and bacteria throughout the home, schools, and the workplace.
    Disinfecting Cabinets
    BioTech UVC Disinfecting Cabinets are highly recommended for Labs, Shops, Movie props and theatre props that need cleaning and disinfecting. Cabinets are ideal for sanitizing tools and equipment on jobsites. BioTech cabinets come in different size and styles and can be custom made.
    Room Air Sanitizers
    BioTech continues Room Air Sanitizers are the perfect companion to any of our UVC lights. They can we wall mounted or placed on the floor or table top. Most of our models BioTech models uses both UVC lights, HEPA filter and activated carbon filters to sanitize room air.
    Tabletop Sanitizer Lamps
    BioTech Automatic UVC Sterilizers Highly recommended for sanitizing masks, phones, keys, etc. Safe and efficient, UV disinfection devices, high tech ozone, from table top models to hand held wands.
    Spare Bulbs & Accessories
    BioTech UVC glasses are a must when using any type of UVC Lighting. Always make sure to have a spare bulb or two for your BioTech UV Sanitizing Lights. Having a spare can save you from one or two weeks of down time. They are available for all BioTech UV lights that we provide in both ozone and non-ozone.
COVID-19 Health and Safety
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