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COVID-19 Health and SafetyCOVID-19 BioTech UVCAttack dangerous viral infection without using chemicals. Ultra Violet Light has been used extensively for more than 40 years in disinfecting drinking water, wastewater, air, hospitals, pharmaceutical products, and surfaces against a wide range of human pathogens including human Corona Virus.

For added safety Biotech UV and UVC Lighting can also be used in conjunction with BioTech room sanitizers. 

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UVC Safety Glasses
$14.99 view »
BioTech-HW100 Handheld UVC Sterilizing Wand
$69.99 view »
BioTech-500 Automatic UVC Sterilizer
$149.99 view »
BioTech-T430B Tabletop UVC Sterilizing Light
$159.99  $139.99 view »
BioTech-T430A Tabletop Room Sanitizer Lamp
$159.99  $139.99 view »
BioTech-400 Automatic UVC Sterilizer
$159.99 view »
BioTech-C430 Wall Mount or Tabletop UVC Sanitizing Light
$275.99 view »
BioTech-A160 Wall Mount Room Sanitizer
$295.99 view »
BioTech-LEDB-350 UV SanitizingThis Bulb w/ Tripod
$349.99 view »
BioTech-M640 Commercial Grade UVC Sterilizing Light 75w
$385.99 view »
BioTech-P1000 Portable Room UVC Sterilizing Light
$449.99 view »
BioTech-M1200 Commercial Grade UVC Sterilizing Light 150w
$485.99 view »
BioTech-1500B Commercial Grade UVC Light
$549.99 view »
BioTech-1500C Popup UVC Sterilizing Light
$595.99 view »
BioTech-P1500B-150 Watt Portable Room UVC Sterilizing Light
$649.99 view »
BioTech-645 Continuous Flow Room Sanitizer
$875.99 view »
BioTech-P850A Commercial Portable UVC Sterilizing Light
$1,495.99 view »
BioTech-A1075 Highend UVC Air Sterilizing Purifier
$1,495.99 view »
BioTech-P850B Commercial Stainless Steel UVC Sterilizing Light
$1,695.99 view »
BioTech-SC100 Commercial Sanitizing Cabinet
$1,975.99 view »
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COVID-19 Health and Safety
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