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COVID-19 Health and SafetyCOVID-19 BioTech UVCNOTE: BioTech UV was a California-based initiative intended to help keep workplaces safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Thomas FX undertook marketing of BioTech UV products in Canada & Europe. However, as the pandemic continues to burn itself out in the face of aggressive vaccination measures, BioTech UV has wrapped up its operations. All remaining BioTech UV lighting and sanitization fixtures will be sold at or below cost, while quantities last, and we will not accept orders for any items not part of our liquidation stock. UVC Sanitizing Lights are ideal for film and television studios, public spaces, retail, gyms, medical offices, dental facilitates schools, etc. There is no known microorganism that is immune to UVC exposure.

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    Our Mission is to mitigate the transmission of bacteria and viruses, by utilizing innovative disinfection solutions that include the latest in UVC light products. Biotech UV is a proven Technology – Safe - Effective – Affordable; Protecting you, your employees, and your customers, is easier and more affordable than you think!
COVID-19 Health and Safety
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