New Covid-19 Protocols

Please take note of our latest Covid-19 safety protocols: All entertainment professionals, and other professionals, wishing to enter the Thomas FX facility must show proof of FULL COVID VAXX plus photo ID. No exceptions. 

Unvaccinated persons, regardless of age, will not be allowed entry. All previous Covid protocols, including; masking, sanitizing, social distancing, and temperature readings, will remain in place while the public health emergency continues. 

Thomas FX now caters exclusively to Film, Television, and Entertainment professionals . . . and also to First Responders, Police, and Military personnel. While we have appreciated serving a larger customer base in years gone by, the nature of our business has changed profoundly and we are no longer an appropriate destination for members of the general public, small children, birthday parties, sports team outings, or bus tours.

NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse service to persons exhibiting aggressive or antagonistic behaviour.
Posted by Thomas FX
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