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Seasonal Set Dec

Film, Television and Entertainment professionals understand the serious impact of experiential seasonal props, decorations and supplies. We stock seasonal themed products year round to meet the needs of Set Dec and Prop Buyers with urgent production demands. When faced with urgent creative challenges, look to Thomas FX to provide timely solutions.

    Seasonal Decorations
    We have a huge inventory of scary props and decorations. Our scary props are what you need to create a very scary event or attraction.
    Skeletons Skulls & Body Parts
    Brains, hearts, arms, legs, feet, skulls, skeletons, eyeballs, fingers—we have all the ghoulish props to make your Halloween truly creepy. Our props are used regularly in many of your favourite movies and TV shows.
    Add wardrobe accessories such as theatrical contact lenses then choose from a vast array of special effects makeup to create a one of a kind character.
    Fake Blood Effects
    Our Vancouver-based special effects and production supply company ships fake blood worldwide. Our fake blood is used by film and entertainment professionals around the world.Try our non-staining blood powder.
    Event Effects
    We supply professional quality special effects equipment to create the ultimate event. Combined with our realistic seasonal decorations and animatronic props, visitors will be scared out of their wits!
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