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The food service industry has been hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with existing strict city and government standards for food safety, PPE and COVID-19 protections have been lumped onto the already-full plates of food service businesses across the country. Varying regulations for mask- wearing, distancing, and code enforcement create a challenging environment in which to attract new patrons and grow your restaurant business. Basic essentials, such as bathroom access and running water are now hurdles to navigate as exterior dine-in options are being permitted to reopen.

The PPE Clean Cart is a quick and easy mobile solution to offer your patrons the next level of hygiene safety in and around your restaurant. Hygiene has never been more important in a food-focused environment, and PPE Clean Cart wants to be there with you on the front lines, helping to reopen the nation’s restaurants.

Covid-19 Health and Safety

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