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Rent Effects Equipment

We have high quality special effects rental equipment for use by special effects and entertainment professionals working on film and television productions: gasoline and electric wind machines, artificial snow machines, fog equipment, turntables, dummies, prop weapons, and other items too numerous to mention. Contact us for details.

    Snow & Ice Rentals
    Thomas FX is widely acknowledged to be a world leader in artificial snow. We have every conceivable type of snow product in stock and the equipment to apply it. To book a rental call 604.929.5455.
    Stunt Dummy Rentals
    Thomas FX manufactures what many of our customers describe as the most realistic stunt dummies in the industry. We have a good stock of soft and articulated males, females, teens, youths, children and infants, as well as a variety of body parts including: heads, arms, legs, hands, and internal organs. To book a rental call 604.929.5455.
    Wind & Air Rentals
    We have an excellent inventory of indoor and outdoor wind machines and fans. From 10' to 6" in diameter, we have the equipment to produce any kind of wind required. Thomas FX is also the Canadian distributor of Mole Richardson fans. To book a rental call 604.929.5455.
    Fog Smoke & Steam Rentals
    Thomas FX stocks and distributes Le Maitre and Ultratec FX equipment.....everything needed to create any kind of atmospheric or low ground fog effect. To book a rental call 604.929.5455.
    Turntable & Rigging Rentals
    Thomas FX turntables range from 12" in diameter, with a good selection available at all times. To book a rental call 604.929.5455. Specialty Load Test Indicators are also available for weighing heavy items.
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