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Overcoming the stigmas related to travel and lodging during the next phase of reopening is a new challenge every related business must rise to meet. The PPE Clean Cart system will offer you and your customers peace of mind and take some of the fear out of travel, as well as make a lasting impression about your company’s commitment to their safety.

Being able to offer your clients a visibly increased level of safety and security when it comes to COVID-19 prevention will go a long way toward showing them you care, not just about them, but about your employees too. Clean Carts are designed to not just to protect people coming in and our of your businesses, but to ensure that your employees are provided with an increased level of protection as well. Making people feel at home and safe while they travel will be an element that determines which businesses succeed and which ones fail in adapting to the changing times and concerns. Crafting this safer experience for your guests will be extremely challenging, and it all begins with a plan to keep them healthy by engaging in good hygiene practices.

Covid-19 Health and Safety

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