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As always, budgets are tight and schedules are tight, and there are many questions relating to on-set safety and COVID-19 prevention. We know what you need on set, because this is what we do too. The Clean Cart team designed our sanitation carts to be the ultimate mobile tool to enable you to protect your crews and get the job done efficiently. We’ve got your back.


Along with safety, time is now more important than ever before.

Clean Carts are formulated to be hyper-mobile and extremely rugged. The self-contained, mobile design enables them to be placed in the middle of a working set and easily removed just before cameras roll. They are the perfect solution to on-set crafty and food services hygiene. Save time and money by keeping your crews within arms reach of the tools they need to keep themselves safe. Our PPE carts practically pay for themselves by saving crews hours of wasted time for traveling to and from wash stations. This is the PPE tool you need to protect your crew and tighten your schedules as we navigate the new safety protocols together.


We built PPE Clean Cart to get our industry working again and doing it safely. Our carts adhere to the AICP and AMPTP safety guidelines for getting film crews back to work in a safe way that keeps them protected. We spent months designing the most functional, easiest to clean and restock hand washing station, specifically to serve on-set safety needs. Our carts will help you keep your teams healthy and productive. They can go anywhere you need them to go. They are tough enough to handle any filming environment, indoor or outdoor. We aim to continually iterate, working with our local industry to obtain feedback and make the carts even better, as we all adapt and find ways to combat the virus together. We pledge to do all we can to support the film industry as we work toward a safe return to work.


It is our vision to get our carts onto as many production sets as we can, because we firmly believe they WILL keep people safe. We want to work with you and your production team to be part of your COVID- 19 action plan.


Does your production need carts for a long period of time? Want to add some custom graphics for your show, movie, or production company? We can do that for you too.

Covid-19 Health and Safety

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