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The Hobbit: Battle Of the Five Armies
The Hobbit: The Desolation OF Smaug
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Kong: Skull Island
Mirror Mirror
War For the Planet of the Apes
Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes
TRON: Legacy
Brokeback Mountain
The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus
Legends of the Fall
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Putting "Cheap" fluid into your special effects equipment is FALSE ECONOMY.

Our service department has been active this year repairing equipment damaged by technicians that are using the wrong types of fluids in their equipment. 

You would not put oil into your gas tank, or gasoline into your windshield washer reservoir, so why would you use the wrong fluid in expensive special effects equipment? ..... to save a couple  of dollars? 

We only sell high quality fluids from reputable manufacturers, and we always recommend that technicians use the manufacturers' recommended fluids. FYI: One brand is not necessarily "exactly the same" as another, so don't be fooled by a sales pitch.

Equipment repairs will cost hundreds of dollars. In some cases equipment has been so badly damaged by cheap fluids that they are simply beyond economic repair.

In the past week alone, we have serviced 7 expensive professional snow and fog machines, for owners whose technicians chose to use cheap fluids as a substitute for the proper recommended fluids. 

While we are always ready and willing to repair customer's gear, we would prefer to help them avoid expensive problems in the first place. IF you really want to "save" money, use the manufacturer's recommended fluids in your equipment.



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From time to time, members of the public will try to buy explosive materials from us through our online store. In every case, we have to cancel these orders, refund customers' payments, and apologize for not being able to fill the orders. We do NOT sell explosive materials to members of the public. Explosive materials and pyrotechnic devices are shown on our website for information purposes only. We only sell these products to licensed professional pyrotechnicians working in the global film and television industry. Professional pyrotechnicians must be known to us, must have all of the appropriate licenses, and current documentation. In all cases, dangerous good shipping and handling charges will be added to the cost, unless picked up at our store in person. If you have tried to purchase dangerous goods on our website, only to have your order cancelled, we apologize for any inconvenience you might have experienced. The sale of dangerous goods is closely controlled, and closely policed, by the Federal Government. All of the precautions we take with the sale of dangerous goods are in accordance and full compliance with all Federal Government regulations. We undertake our responsibilities in this controlled business very seriously, and comply with all regulations wholeheartedly, as we understand that Federal Regulations are intended for the safety and protection of our customers, and for the safety and protection of the public at large.
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Free Fog Fluid While Quantities Last

Until March 15, or while quantities last, buy any 5 gallon pail of fog fluid from Thomas FX and receive a 4 litre jug of Long Lasting Fog Fluid free of charge.

Buy two 5 gallon pails of fluid and receive two free 4 litre jugs of free long lasting fog fluid,  . . . etc., etc.

We have never tried a sales promotion like this before so please take advantage of the offer while you can. 

Thomas FX Long Lasting Fog Fluid is manufactured for us by Ultratec FX who market it as Pro Beam fluid.

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New! Smoke Burst Colored Smoke Effects

We have just added Burst Colored Smoke Effects to our inventory of special effects smoke products.

Burst Smoke comes in seven bright colors; Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow, Purple, White

View videos of each Burst Color on our website.

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We're All Caught Up

If you placed an order with us online during the Holidays, we are pleased to let you know that all online orders have now been packed and are in our loading bay.

 Now, we are waiting for FEDEX to pick up.

Thank you for placing your online order with us, and thank you for your patience.
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Christmas Decorating Snow | 80% OFF

On the FOURTH day of Christmas . . . Thomas gives to you . . . 80% OFF individual bags of Christmas Decorating Snow . . . 70% OFF all Halloween Props . . . 60% OFF all Masks, Costumes, Costume Accessories . . . . 50% OFF all Kryolan Makeup Effects

These amazing prices are available to in-store Christmas Shoppers until December 17'th.

Online Shoppers who wish to participate in our Outrageous Pre-Christmas Sale are welcome to call in and receive the same pricing as in-store shoppers . . . Just ask for Betty and she will take care of you.

This is our way of saying THANK YOU to everyone who supported us during this record breaking year, and for the every one of our previous 47 years!

Thomas FX will be CLOSED FOR THE HOLIDAYS from December 18 through January 5, 2016.

All advertised prices are valid while quantities last. Sale ends December 17.

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Schmere | Now At Thomas FX

Responding to numerous customer requests, Thomas FX has brought in a shipment of various Schmere dirt and aging products.

Now, film, television, and theater professionals can effectively age and distress wardrobe items quickly.

With the addition of the Schmere line of products, Thomas FX now provides a wide and diverse line of aging products for use on actors, and on their wardrobe items. 

Stay tuned as we introduce other new entertaining products.

Meanwhile . . . "Get It Dirty: The Clean Way" . . . with SCHMERE products: BUY NOW

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Introducing . . . . Ice Crystal Snowflakes

Thomas FX is pleased to introduce another innovative snow product . . . Ice Crystal Snowflakes.

Perfect for seasonal display decor for use in retail displays by professional decorators, or by consumers in festive applications.

Ice Crystal Snowflakes comes in convenient 1 lb or 10 lb packages.

Please call us for more information.

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Halloween at Thomas FX was totally awesome!

A special thank you to everyone who stopped by.

Sure hope we contributed to your special day.

In appreciation of another great year, we are continuing our Halloween Sale until Friday.

All in-store customers will receive 50% OFF all Halloween Props, Costumes, and Costume Accessories until the end of the week.

Our extended Big Blow Out Super Sale is a perfect opportunity to start your early Christmas Shopping, while saving lots of cash on unique Halloween items.

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IT'S POOL WEATHER ... Closing At 3:00 Today


Thomas FX will close early today and tomorrow due to the fabulous sunny weather in Vancouver.

With Canada Day falling on a Wednesday, it seems that many people are taking 5-day mini-holidays this week.

Since the weather in Vancouver is so outrageously awesome, we thought we should join in the fun and take full advantage of the sunshine too. 

Today and tomorrow, Thursday and Friday, July 2 & 3, we will close at 3:00. 

Emergency service will be available to FILM INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS needing help outside of store hours. 

In addition, our web store will remain open on a 24 x 7 basis. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for understanding. 

 Regular store hours resume next week.

Happy 4th of July to all of our American friends.

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Can You Find The Needle? ... We Did!

Since making the Shopper Approved customer service feedback option available to Online Customers, several people have mentioned having difficulties paying for their purchases on our website using PayPal.

The Thomas FX online business platform is comprised of dozens of integrated software programs, many of which are cloud based, all of which have built in layers of security.

Can you appreciate the challenge of finding one needle hidden in a whole field of haystacks?

After several months of debugging attempts, we have been successful in locating and fixing the bug.

It seems that when PayPal was originally integrated into the Thomas FX business system a few years ago, one connection was not made correctly during the integration.

Hopefully, now that we have located and fixed the problem, customers should find it easier to complete their online transactions using PayPal.

We apologize if you have experienced frustration using the PayPal payment module embedded in our website, and thank you for bringing the glitch to our attention.

Since finding and fixing the problem last week, no more customers have reported issues in paying using PayPal.

The Thomas FX website has layer upon layer of security to protect our information and our customers' data. No data or personal information was compromised. PayPal was simply unable to complete payment for our customers' orders.

Please let us know if you have ANY questions about our products, our customer service, of the integrity of your purchases on our website. We are always looking for new ways to improve customer service and our customers' experience in dealing with us.

Thank you for your patience as we worked through the problem.

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A Blizzard Of Fake Snow At Thomas FX

The Thomas FX snow studio is currently manufacturing a blizzard of fake snow.

Early in January we doubled the manufacturing capacity of our snow studio to keep up with strong customer demand.

We have been working overtime, as late as 1:00 am some nights as well as some Saturdays, to fill orders for our Patented SNO-FX! fake snow products. 

This photo was taken on Saturday. It shows Thomas FX Owner, John Quee loading a USA-bound trailer with SNO-FX! Driving the forklift is the new Thomas FX Operations Manager, Brett Rafferty.

Also shown in the photo is teamster Driver Bill Crivel. Bill is on the crew of The Hateful Eight and is picking up the movie's snow at Thomas FX then driving straight to the show's Colorado set. 

As a point of interest, Bill was also the personal driver for Richard Dean Anderson while he was filming the TV hit MacGyver in Vancouver. Thomas FX provided production supplies to the MacGyver shoot so having Bill driving for The Hateful Eight made it all seem like an old time reunion. 

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Add Movie Snow To Your Christmas Tree

Add Thomas FX movie snow to your Christmas Tree this year and make every ornament and light on the tree sparkle.

Fake Movie Snow from Thomas FX is used to decorate Christmas window displays by many of the leading retailers in the United States.

There is still one day left to order fake snow direct from Thomas FX before we close for the Holidays.

Fedex orders received today will ship tomorrow and should be delivered before Christmas.

Reminder: We will be closed tomorrow between 11:30 and 1:30 for our annual Christmas Luncheon. After 1:30 we will still be celebrating and will be inviting store customers to share in our  "Christmas Cheer".

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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Our Big Christmas Sale Is Happening Now

Thomas FX will close for the Holidays on Thursday this week. 

As a special thank you to everyone in the community who have supported us in another great year, we are holding a BIG CHRISTMAS BLOWOUT SALE this week!

All Halloween props, and costume accessories are on sale this week in-store for 75% off the marked price, even if the marked price has already been reduced! Save up to 90% on this seasonal merchandise. 

Fog machines, ground foggers, and Halloween Haunt Effects (not fluids) are on sale at 50% off regular prices.

Makeup Effects and Theatrical Contact lenses remain at advertised prices, but make wonderful stocking stuffers and are selling fast. Hurry in while supplies last.

We will close for our annual Christmas Lunch on Thursday from 11:30 am until 1:30 pm. When we get back, snacks, sweet goodies and Christmas Cheer will be available to store customers who want to join the party. 

We are not open after Thursday, but will respond to emergency film industry calls if we are needed. 

Otherwise, the Thomas FX crew thanks you for your support this year and wishes you the very best of the Festive Season. 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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World's Best Fake Snow Wins Third Patent

Thomas FX has just been granted a third patent for its proprietary SNO-FX! . . . often referred to by the movie professionals around the world who use it as the world's best fake movie snow.

Several years ago SNO-FX! from Thomas FX was considered for an Academy Award nomination in the Science and Technology category. 

As it turns out, every special effects member of the Academy Awards selection committee had actually used fake snow from Thomas FX in their movie projects.

Other types of fake snow used in film production are industrial products, such as white attic insulation, salt or flour, which are repurposed for use in films. 

SNO-FX! from Thomas FX is the only fake snow in the world invented and manufactured specifically for use in the movie industry. Our patents attest to the uniqueness of Thomas FX fake snow.

Brilliant white in color, SNO-FX! comes in four unique flake sizes which can be used seperatly or in combination to create stunning snow effects. It looks and acts just like real snow, falling, drifting, blowing and forming cornices just like the real thing, As SNO-FX! is also non-static, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly, it is often used in environmentally sensitive locations.

We also custom manufacture colored SNO-FX! as well as the popular black SNO-FX! a.k.a. BIO-ASH, which is in high demand as an alternative to artificial volcanic ash in television and movie production.

Plan to use Thomas FX fake snow and/or BIO-ASH volcanic effects in your next production. 

Contact Us today

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Thank You Customers Around The World

John Quee and Betty Quee, Co-Owners of Thomas FX and recipients of the North Vancouver Chamber Of Commerce's "Business Of The Year Award", wish to thank the thousands of loyal customers around the world who support Thomas FX every year, and who have made this special award possible.

We truly value your trust and your ongoing loyalty. On behalf of the entire team at Thomas FX we offer our sincerest thanks and look forward to supporting your next production ... no matter where that might be.

We are honored that so many people consider the Thomas FX team to be their partners in production. 

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2014 Business Of The Year | Thomas FX

At an Awards Gala held by the North Vancouver Chamber Of Commerce last week, Thomas FX was named the 2014 Business Of The Year.

We thank the Chamber of Commerce, Judges, and Sponsors, for this prestigious and unexpected Honor.

In 2004, Thomas FX received a Business Excellence Award from the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce for Business Innovation.

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R.I.P. Wray Douglas Jr


Wray Douglas Jr

Special Effects Coordinator

1966 - 2014


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Happy Halloween everyone!

Thomas FX will be open tonight until 8:00 pm. 

We will be closed this weekend, and will reopen for business on Monday morning at 8:00.

Thank you for another great season.

Have fun . . . Stay safe!

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Will My Order Arrive Before Halloween?

Will My Order Arrive Before Halloween . . . seems to be the question of the day.

How soon your order is delivered is up to you.

Unless there is a problem with credit card authorizations, or incomplete shipping information, we are shipping all online orders the day that we receive them.

The Thomas FX website is connected directly with FEDEX, and also with Canada Post. The shipping costs are calculated and assigned to your orders by FEDEX and Canada Post.

If you prefer speedier delivery for your order, we suggest you choose the FEDEX option that will most quickly get your order to you in time. Choosing postal service at this late stage is probably not the best shipping option. 

As we get closer to Halloween, the time frame for delivery will begin to close and shipping will become more expensive so order as soon as possible to save money on shipping.

For example, the most economical shipping options, FEDEX Ground and Postal Service, are no longer viable options. We suggest you choose FEDEX Express, or FEDEX Expedited now to ensure delivery before Halloween. 

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