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Halloween Decorations Now Half Price!!!

Halloween Decorations Now Half Price!!!

Super Sale ... Tell EveryoneBreaking News ... All Halloween Decorations are being sold at Half Price in our North Vancouver store. We have never had a sale like this during the Halloween Season so PLEASE TELL EVERYONE and hurry in for outstanding quality at incredibly low prices. 

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Today Is The Deadline For PreHalloween Delivery

Today Is The Deadline For PreHalloween Delivery

Online Order DeadlineTime is up! Today is the deadline for the Pre-Halloween delivery of online orders. Please select FedEx Overnight Express when you reach the checkout page. Online Orders received after 1:00 pm PST may not arrive before Halloween. 

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Please Buy Fireworks Permit Before You Shop

Please Buy Fireworks Permit Before You Shop

Family FireworksTomorrow, Tuesday October 25, Thomas FX will start selling family fireworks. To speed up the experience, and keep things moving quickly for everyone in the store, we recommend buying a Fireworks Permit before you shop. Permits cost $2.00 and may be purchased online from the District Of North Vancouver.
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Speedy Same Day Shipping

Speedy Same Day Shipping

Speedy Online ShippingAll Online Orders are picked as soon as they are received and the shipping booked immediatley. This close to Halloween every hour counts so choose the method of speedy FedEx Shipping that will ensure your order arrives BEFORE Halloween.
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Save Money Now On Halloween Decorations

Save Money Now On Halloween Decorations

Save Money NowSave money now by shopping at Thomas FX and make your Halloween Dollars go further. All Halloween Decorations are 25% off the posted sale prices. All Halloween Costumes and Costume Accessories are 50% off. Shop now for best selection. 
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And Now For Something ... (Else) ... New

And Now For Something ... (Else) ... New

No Advertising This YearWe are trying something completely different at Thomas FX . . . Have you noticed ... yet? There are no television ads ... No radio ads ... No print ads ... If you are one of our regular customers, please help us to get the word out. Let your friends and families know about your Thomas FX experience.
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We're Mobile FriendlyBreaking News! ThomasFX.com is now Mobile Friendly! Please check out our new mobile friendly design on your favorite mobile devices.
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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!Happy Thanksgiving!

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Major Website Code Upgrade

Major Website Code Upgrade

Breaking News! Thomas FX has just completed a complete overhaul of our 14,000-page website code.

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Open Saturday 10:00 Till 4:00

Open Saturday 10:00 Till 4:00

Open Saturday Till 4:00
Thomas FX will be open this Saturday from 10:00 until 4:00.

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OPEN SATURDAY 10:00 - 2:00

OPEN SATURDAY 10:00 - 2:00

Halloween extended hours have begun.

Thomas FX will be OPEN THIS SATURDAY from 10:00 am till 2:00 pm.

We invite film industry professionals and retail consumers to take advantage of our new Saturday hours.

Please keep checking our website for store hours as they continue to stretch.
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 Open Thursday From 10:00 AM

Open Thursday From 10:00 AM

Thomas FX is closed today, Wednesday August 17. 

We will resume normal business hours on Thursday morning from 10:00 AM. 

Betty had eye surgery this morning and is now at home recovering. 

After a quick followup visit with her surgeon first thing in the morning we will head to the office for our late 10:00 opening. 

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this mid-week closure might have caused. 

Normal business hours and emergency after hours service will resume tomorrow. 

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 Almost There

Almost There

Thomas FX is in the middle of restructuring our organization, beefing up manufacturing operations with more highly skilled technicians.

We have been conducting "hands-on" work auditions for short listed manufacturing Lead Hand candidates this week and are almost ready to make some decisions.

By the end of next week we hope to have hired and trained a completely new manufacturing crew.

We have set a gruelling pace all week and are now down to the two final candidates that will round out our team.

Once the manufacturing team has been put in place we will resume interviews for Operations Manager, and Customer Care Coordinator, positions yet to be filled. 

Then, with the Halloween retail season about to begin we will be hiring customer service and makeup effects consultants to work in our bricks & mortar store.

Stay tuned for more news. 

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 Buy Nick Dudman Blood - Thomas FX

Buy Nick Dudman Blood - Thomas FX

Thomas FX is now fully stocked with Nick Dudman Blood. Developed by world renowned Harry Potter Makeup FX artist Nick Dudman, this blood is highly sought after by film and television professionals around the world. For your convenience we have brought in the entire line of Nick Dudman Blood products. Buy Nick Dudman Blood online at www.thomasfx.com or stop by our North Vancouver retail store.
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UltraMaterials Products Have Arrived

UltraMaterials Products Have Arrived

In response to numerous customer requests, Thomas FX is pleased to announce that it has received its first shipment of what seem to be the most sought after selection of UltraMaterials products.

Drop by today and buy UltraMaterials products from our bricks and mortar entertainment supply store, or buy UltraMaterials products online 24 hours a day from thomasfx.com .

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Buy Movie Paint At Thomas FX Now

Buy Movie Paint At Thomas FX Now

Movie Paint is now available in all colors at Thomas FX.

Buy Movie Paint now in our bricks'n mortar store, or online at thomasfx.com

Buy Movie Paint HERE

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John Thomas 1947 - 1994

Every March 22'nd we pause to remember and celebrate the life of company founder John Thomas.

Long credited, and cherished, as one of the people responsible for bringing the film industry to Vancouver and Canada, he improved the lives of everyone he touched. 

John passed quietly at 5:50 pm on March 22, 1994 with his beloved wife Betty at his side.

Rest in Peace John . . . .

 "The Dream Lives On"

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Putting "Cheap" fluid into your special effects equipment is FALSE ECONOMY.

Our service department has been active this year repairing equipment damaged by technicians that are using the wrong types of fluids in their equipment. 

You would not put oil into your gas tank, or gasoline into your windshield washer reservoir, so why would you use the wrong fluid in expensive special effects equipment? ..... to save a couple  of dollars? 

We only sell high quality fluids from reputable manufacturers, and we always recommend that technicians use the manufacturers' recommended fluids. FYI: One brand is not necessarily "exactly the same" as another, so don't be fooled by a sales pitch.

Equipment repairs will cost hundreds of dollars. In some cases equipment has been so badly damaged by cheap fluids that they are simply beyond economic repair.

In the past week alone, we have serviced 7 expensive professional snow and fog machines, for owners whose technicians chose to use cheap fluids as a substitute for the proper recommended fluids. 

While we are always ready and willing to repair customer's gear, we would prefer to help them avoid expensive problems in the first place. IF you really want to "save" money, use the manufacturer's recommended fluids in your equipment.



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From time to time, members of the public will try to buy explosive materials from us through our online store. In every case, we have to cancel these orders, refund customers' payments, and apologize for not being able to fill the orders. We do NOT sell explosive materials to members of the public. Explosive materials and pyrotechnic devices are shown on our website for information purposes only. We only sell these products to licensed professional pyrotechnicians working in the global film and television industry. Professional pyrotechnicians must be known to us, must have all of the appropriate licenses, and current documentation. In all cases, dangerous good shipping and handling charges will be added to the cost, unless picked up at our store in person. If you have tried to purchase dangerous goods on our website, only to have your order cancelled, we apologize for any inconvenience you might have experienced. The sale of dangerous goods is closely controlled, and closely policed, by the Federal Government. All of the precautions we take with the sale of dangerous goods are in accordance and full compliance with all Federal Government regulations. We undertake our responsibilities in this controlled business very seriously, and comply with all regulations wholeheartedly, as we understand that Federal Regulations are intended for the safety and protection of our customers, and for the safety and protection of the public at large.
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Free Fog Fluid While Quantities Last

Until March 15, or while quantities last, buy any 5 gallon pail of fog fluid from Thomas FX and receive a 4 litre jug of Long Lasting Fog Fluid free of charge.

Buy two 5 gallon pails of fluid and receive two free 4 litre jugs of free long lasting fog fluid,  . . . etc., etc.

We have never tried a sales promotion like this before so please take advantage of the offer while you can. 

Thomas FX Long Lasting Fog Fluid is manufactured for us by Ultratec FX who market it as Pro Beam fluid.

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