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Sleep Country Canada
Why Shop Anywhere Else?

Update: After my horrendous experience at the Sleep Country Canada store, and after the store manager told me "Get out of my store right now!",

I drove home and called Visa. I told them what had happened and they filed a claim and put a freeze on the Sleep Country Canada charge against my account, following which they were going to contact Sleep Country Canada's bank and advise them the charge was under dispute.

Coincidentally, today we received a call from Sleep Country Canada advising us that they were going to refund the full amount of our purchase . . . Not that they had any choice in the matter. They apologized for "any inconvenience this might have caused".

They did not apologize for the conduct of their employees.

They did not apologize for the fact that their store manager did not have the authority to resolve a customer dispute.

They did not apologize for the fact that their store manager had ordered me out of his store without making any attempt to resolve the problem.

From now on, I am going to "Shop Somewhere Else". Thanks Christine! Nice commercials . . . Your business . . . Not so nice.

The Back Story  Let me tell you why I am going to shop somewhere else, and likely why you might consider shopping somewhere else as well.

A week ago I purchased two beds from the Sleep Country Canada store in North Vancouver. Delivery was rescheduled for this afternoon between 3-6 pm so my wife and I waited at home all day waiting  for our two beds to be delivered.

Unfortunately, when the truck arrived (4:00) it turned out that the delivery driver was afraid of dogs. I assured him that the dogs would not harm him but he demanded that we lock up our dogs before he would deliver our new beds.

When I refused to lock up my dogs the driver then refused to make the delivery.

My next step was to drive to the Sleep Country Canada store in North Vancouver to get a refund. When I told the manager that his driver had refused to deliver our beds, he told me that "he had a right to protect himself" . . . from what I do not know. These dogs are perfectly safe under my supervision.

Regardless, since his driver had refused to deliver our beds, I told him that nobody tells me what to do on my property and demanded a refund in full. The Manager then gave me a song and dance about, how he was not authorized to give refunds, and about some process involving customer service in some other office. I told him that I wanted my money back right away and handed him the credit card I had used to purchase the beds.

He refused to take my card.. I assume he didn't like my confrontational "attitude" because he ordered me out of his store. When I again asked for my money back he told one of his staffers to call 911!

For the record, the Sleep Country Canada policy, according to the brochure they provided with my invoice, states that no refunds will be allowed after delivery. Since they refused to deliver my purchase, I am entitled to a refund in full.

So, first the Sleep Country Canada driver refused to deliver my purchase because he has an unnatural fear of dogs . . . then the Sleep Country Manager refused to give me a refund . . . then the Sleep Country Manager called 911!!!!!  Completely frustrated and infuriated at this point, I told him in no uncertain terms what he could do with himself.

So why the Consumer Alert? In a world that is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate in I think it is only fair and proper than when someone runs into a vendor who refuses to deal fairly with its customers, people should be made aware.

Was I angry? . . . You bet . . . I waited all day for this delivery.

Was I frustrated? . . . You bet . . . I do not understand why people cannot simply do their jobs.

Was I irate? . . . Eventually, you bet . . . This situation never should have gotten to this point.

Was I rude? . . . You bet I was . . . I told those people exactly what I thought of them.

The Sleep Country Canada people promote themselves with the following promises:

- "No hassle"
- "Mistake Proof"
- "Express Delivery and Setup

Today, when dealing with me, Sleep Country Canada failed to deliver on every one of its promises, so far as I am concerned, their value proposition is completely unfounded based on my dealings with them.

I will NEVER deal with Sleep Country Canada again. What you do is up to you, but "eyes wide open". Be prepared for disappointment, you can just as easily be treated the same way that I was today, and they can take your money too, refuse to deliver the products you purchased, then call the police if you demand a refund.

Why am I blogging about this experience? . . . . Because efforts to deal with Sleep Country Canada have failed and their corporate website does not allow people to post reviews.

How could Sleep Country Canada have avoided this situation?

1) Properly trained delivery personnel
2) Properly trained store personnel
3) Managers with the authority to resolve customer problems effectively.
4) A customer service policy that puts customer satisfaction ahead of profits.

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