While You Were Sleeping . . . .

We just completed a series of successful website upgrades designed to enhance everyone's online shopping experience by making our core product groups easier to find.

Developers did a soft launch on Monday night [daytime where they work] and we have since made a number of additional enhancements during these past 36 hours.

While minor tweaks are still in progress, we are quite proud of our new HOME page presentation as it more effectively highlights our core products and offers new site visitors with immediate customer feedback.

Clicking on any of the SIX rotating banners will take you directly to the category landing page for that product group. you can wait for the new banners to rotate automatically, or take control and move to them manually in either direction by clicking on the arrows visible on each side of every banner. 

Alternately, online shoppers can still utilize our HOME page graphic navigation tiles, or shop using category links within our left navigation pane. 

We also added a scrolling "ticker tape" feature near the top of the page. The scrolling customer review information is taken from actual customer reviews made by Verified Customers within the third party Shopper Approved customer feedback software incorporated into our website. These are real comments made by actual "third-party verified" Thomas FX customers.

To view more Verified Shopper Approved reviews Click on the Shopper Approved icon located at the top our our left hand navigation pane. 

Those familiar with our site will notice a new "Hamburger Menu" located to the left of the "VIEW CART" button. Clicking on this new menu link will call up a drop down menu which will allow prefered "B2B" customer groups to obtain additional information specifically relevant to them. 

Finally, we have made it possible to view FOUR recent Thomas FX Blogs on our HOME page , rather than the previously visible three. This will give site visitors more current company information without having to leave the HOME page to do a deeper dive into our BLOG page to find out the latest news.

Many enhancements have just been launched and it will take some time for all of them to propagate throughout the web. Meanwhile, if you are not yet seeing all of these changes please try clearing your browser history by doing a hard refresh [Open a Fresh Browser Window . . . press "Control + H" on your keyboard . . . then click "Clear Browser History"] 

NOTE: These upgrades were made primarily for the benefit of desktop computer users. Not all of the changes are visible on the mobile-responsive versions of our site.

As our world constantly changes, stay tuned for additional website updates and more customer service enhancements. 
Posted by Thomas FX
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