From time to time, members of the public will try to buy explosive materials from us through our online store. In every case, we have to cancel these orders, refund customers' payments, and apologize for not being able to fill the orders. We do NOT sell explosive materials to members of the public. Explosive materials and pyrotechnic devices are shown on our website for information purposes only. We only sell these products to licensed professional pyrotechnicians working in the global film and television industry. Professional pyrotechnicians must be known to us, must have all of the appropriate licenses, and current documentation. In all cases, dangerous good shipping and handling charges will be added to the cost, unless picked up at our store in person. If you have tried to purchase dangerous goods on our website, only to have your order cancelled, we apologize for any inconvenience you might have experienced. The sale of dangerous goods is closely controlled, and closely policed, by the Federal Government. All of the precautions we take with the sale of dangerous goods are in accordance and full compliance with all Federal Government regulations. We undertake our responsibilities in this controlled business very seriously, and comply with all regulations wholeheartedly, as we understand that Federal Regulations are intended for the safety and protection of our customers, and for the safety and protection of the public at large.
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