Vancouver Fireworks | Halloween Special

$50 Off Orders of $500 Or More + Free Firework Gift
At last! . . . Halloween is finally here! As a surprise treat for all fireworks customers, today we will give everyone who purchases more than $500 . . . . a $50 discount at the checkout desk.

In addition, everyone who purchases fireworks at our store will receive a surprise gift . . . . a complimentary firework!

We look at your fireworks order then we add something, at no cost to you, that we feel will enhance your show.

When you consider the fact that we pre-select our fireworks, eliminating the lame ones, Thomas FX is the best place to buy "really good fireworks".

With a free gift, and a $50 discount off larger orders, today is definitely the day to buy your fireworks at Thomas FX.

PS: Don't forget to shop in our 'Dark Zone' for those last minute Halloween props and decorations!

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