True Colors Shine Proudly Over Our Doors

Our company, Thomas FX Group Inc (a.k.a. Thomas Special Effects) was founded in 1968 when John Thomas decided to get into the film industry. That was the summer of 1968. We have gone through many changes in the past 50 years, not the least of which was John's death in 1994.

Through all those changes we have always stayed true to our roots in special effects and stunts, and are proud of the reputation for excellence we have earned in the Global Film & Television Industry in particular, and for the the Global Entertainment Industry in general.  In addition to quality products for Special Effects and Stunts, we have expanded to include production supplies for Set Dec, Props, Makeup Effects, plus Wardrobe and Paint Department professionals.

A decade ago, we opened our doors to the public in North Vancouver, in appreciation for their support all those years, offering family fireworks for sale . . .  a natural extension of our pyrotechnic sales to the film industry. 

The first member of the public through our doors asked "Do you have any body parts?" Completely unprepared for this development we quickly expanded our inventory to include body parts and all things spooky.

Unfortunately, in trying to accommodate a new retail consumer customer base, we also attracted a reputation as a "Halloween Store". This worked for awhile since we felt we were making a contribution to our community. 

However, things got out of hand and we became a Halloween destination, attracting customers who then compared us to Walmart and Spirit Halloween. 

For the sake of clarity then, please let us state that we are NOT a Halloween Store. We stock spooky props and set dec items year round for the convenience of the Film and Television Industry. 

People arriving at our store will be disappointed to learn that we are NOT a Halloween Store, nor are we a Haunted House. 

Further, we are a supplier of quality professional production supplies including: Special Effects, Set Dec, Props, Makeup Effects, Breakaway Glass, and Production Supplies . . . . all designed for use by the professional entertainment industry.

Accordingly, in an effort to clarify our identity, we have changed the signage over our front door and now fly our true colors. . . . . 

Today we supply a host of productions around the world, with customers in 55 countries. We also supply quality production supplies to high-end retail chains for retail display purposes, and to event planners worldwide.

We are still open to members of the public, and to all members of the professional entertainment industry, especially Film & Television Professionals, but please do not compare us to a discount big box store or to seasonal pop-up retailers. This is simply NOT who we are and we do not want people to arrive here with false expectations and end up being disappointed. 

Posted by Thomas FX
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