Thomas FX™ Announces International Brand and Patent Licensing Opportunity

Globe in HandsGlobally recognized leader in special effects supplies offers licensing in order to expand global distribution and awareness of eco-friendly effects products.

With the intention of reducing environmental waste from the film industry, Thomas FX Group Inc. today announced that they will be offering brand and patent licensing opportunities around the world for qualified special effects businesses and production supply companies currently servicing the film and television industries around the world. Master franchises for Thomas FX’s patented biodegradable products are also being offered.

Now qualified businesses can operate under the globally recognized Thomas FX brand, increasing their industry credibility, driving sales and spreading brand awareness. With an international dealer network serving customers in 78 countries, this licensing opportunity allows more people to benefit from the industry trust built in the Thomas FX brand during the past 51 years, giving less established businesses greater credibility and exposure to a global network of like-minded industry professionals. 

With a greater distribution of Thomas FX’s biodegradable and eco-friendly special effects products, the film industry will have a larger impact on the reduction of film industry plastic waste that contributes to pollution and global warming. Thomas FX was featured in a recent Vancouver Sun post for their environmental efforts.

“With our new licensing program, the film industry can collectively come together to create special effects art while making a positive impact on our environment by reducing unnecessary waste,” says John Quee, CEO of Thomas FX Group. “This is a monumental opportunity for companies that want to make an impact on our world while simultaneously building their own brand’s reputation.” 

Thomas FX manufactures many unique and patented products that are recognized as the best environmentally friendly artificial snow and ash products in the world for film and television production. A few of their top selling products include:
  • SNO-FX!™ - biodegradable artificial snow 
  • BIO-ASH™ - biodegradable artificial ash
  • DIGI FLAKES™ - flakes that can be chroma keyed in post-production
Thomas FX’s international dealer network is serving the needs of more entertainment professionals than at any point in their 51-year history. Their products have been seen in shows such as Game of Thrones and Vikings as well as in movies like Interstellar and Avengers Infinity War. For more information on Thomas FX Group and their products, please visit

About Thomas FX Group, Inc.
Based in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Thomas FX Group Inc. services commercial productions, documentaries, miniseries, feature films, videos, television series by providing safe environmentally expendable & production supplies, pyrotechnic supplies, breakaway glass, snow products and visual effects studio rentals. For a full list of credits, or for more information, please visit

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