Thomas FX Embraces the Gig Economy

Breaking News . . . Thomas FX has wholeheartedly embraced "The Gig Economy".

This is a dramatic shift in the way we hire people and an opportunity for workers who want more flexibility in work schedules, and variety in their career paths.

Traditionally we looked for and hired people who wanted to build their careers within our company. Now, we have reinvented the company around a "Gig" employment matrix. 

The way in which we do business has completely changed. One of the members of our senior management team has assumed the role of Operations Manager, and we have recruited FOUR part time people in the Operations Department. 

Moving forward, we can consider people who might be highly skilled in a particular area and who only want to work part time. 

As we continue to break down the functions within our business, new team members will be sought and hired on an as-needed basis, or for temporary, or part time roles.

Of course if we happen to run across one or two amazing candidates, with well diversified backgrounds, we will certainly take a very close look.

When you see our recruiting ads on Craigslist or Indeed, remember that we are now open to accommodating a wider variety of work schedules, job preferences, and skill-sets. 

So far our experiments with this approach have been working. We now have a team of very talented people in place and we will be looking to augment that team as we continue to grow, or as people move on to other "Gigs".

This is just another of a series of continuing innovations from a company that has been recognized as an innovator for the past 50 years.
Posted by John Quee mba, CEO
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