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Studio Sanitizing Chemicals

COVID-19 Sanitizing Equipment FluidsCOVID-19 Antiseptic SpraysVarious types of sanitizers and antiseptics available for all uses, television and film studios, homes, schools, gyms, and all public facilities.    

It is essential in these times to deep clean and sanitize often with an anti viral spray to keep your studio, or public facility safe for everyone during this deadly COVID-19 Pandemic! 
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VSE xTREME Anti-Microbial Concentrate
$64.99 view »
VSE BioShield Hospital Grade Disinfectant Concentrate
$309.99 view »
VSE xTREME Anti-Microbial Concentrate
$699.99 view »
BioVex Viruscidal Disinfectant 1 case of 12
$1,499.99 view »
COVID-19 Health & Safety
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