Quality Used Special Effects amp Stunt Equipment for Sale

Charlton Heston studies 'Alaska' script on Thomas stunt pads
Congratulatons to Norway's Kai Rodseth for expanding his stunt business with quality new and used stunt and rigging equipment from Thomas FX, and also to Martin Hogberg, Sweden's leading Special Effects Coordinator. Thomas FX has been a leader in unique stunt and special effects equipment, as well as hard to find production supplies, for more than four decades.

Ten years ago, we decided that we would no longer go to set as a stunt and special effects organization. Rather, since we are widely recognized as one of the pioneers of the Canadian film industry, we wanted to give back to the industry that has been so good to us for so long. Now, we no longer compete with our customers for business, we stand behind them and help them to become more successful.

The Thomas FX team is fully dedicated to helping special effects and entertainment professionals around the world to succeed in building their businesses, by being the best in the world, with world class support behind them. Part of how we do that is by taking the worry out of purchasing equipment and production supplies . . . ie., Will it arrive? Will it arrive in time? Will it be what I ordered? Can I rely on the quality? Will there be any hidden costs?

When an order is placed with Thomas FX, you can count on receiving quality equipment and production supplies, at the prices quoted up front, when you need them, and wherever you need them in the world. In addition to eliminating uncertainty we also take away your logistics headaches, and we facilitate customs documentation and cross border clearances.

Experience the Thomas FX difference. Let us support your next production and let us make your job easier by taking away the worry so you can focus on producing world class entertainment.

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