Pros-Aide Products In Stock | Thomas FX

In response to numerous customer requests we just brought in a large supply of Pros-Aide adhesive products. 

We now have an inventory of every available Pros-Aide product, including the popular Pros-Aide Go Kit which includes samples of each of the quality Pros-Aide products. 

If you are a professional makeup F/X artist, or work with foam latex prosthetic appliances, or simply have sensitive skin, purchase Pros-Aide products at Thomas FX now.

We also have a large inventory of Spirit Gum and Remover, as well as Mehron AdMed Silicone Adhesive and Remover.

Thomas FX is proud to distribute Pros-Aide products and welcomes the Pros-Aide brand to our extensive, and growing, line of professional quality Blood & Makeup FX products.

Visit the Thomas FX store in North Vancouver, or shop online at .

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