Non Toxic Colored Smoke Effects - New Product

You might have noticed lighter than usual posting this week. For the past several days we have been hard at work making our new product line ready for market, and adding it to the Thomas FX Online Store.

Now, thanks to a solid effort by our entire team, I am pleased to announce this latest Thomas FX product line . . . Non Toxic Colored Smoke Effects. Perfect for hazmat training, movie making, or special events, it can be used as a stand alone smoke effect, or combined with fireworks to enhance displays.

Colored Smoke Effects is not a "hazardous" good. As such, it can be safely handled and inexpensively transported via traditional carriers without incurring hazardous goods handling charges. This is not a controlled pyrotechnic product, and it is not a firework. Of even more importance, it is NOT a toxic substance. We recommend that you do not use this product indoors as the smoke WILL STAIN anything it comes into contact with.

Colored Smoke Effects are available in two sizes, the regular smoke effect which generates about 1250 cubic feet of colored smoke during a period of two to four minutes, and the larger high volume version which generates about 2500 cubic feet of smoke in the same period of time. Non Toxic Colored Smoke Effects are sold in packages of 5 units. You can purchase packs of five single colors, or a multi pack that includes 5 different colors. Available colors include: White, Blue, Purple, Red, Orange, and Yellow.

We have created a new product category SMOKE EFFECTS in our online store. Colored Smoke Effects can also be purchased Online on the HAUNT EFFECTS page under our HALLOWEEN SUPPLIES category. Since this is NOT a pyrotechnic product, or a firework, you do not require a pyrotechnician's licence, or special permit to purchase it. Colored Smoke Effects from Thomas FX can be purchased year round by members of the general public.

For your convenience we have produced a demonstration video and posted it on our YouTube page this morning. Hopefully you will find it useful, informative and perhaps even entertaining.

Thomas FX remains committed to supporting film and entertainment industry productions around the world by suppling high quality, hard to find, special effects production supplies. Our Corporate Mission is to make special effects magic available to all.

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