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Mehron Latex Dark FLesh Liquid Latex w/ Brush

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Mehron Latex Dark Flesh Liquid Latex w/ Brush, 1 oz, best on the market, easy to use, applicator included. Brush on a thin layer of Liquid Latex to the desired area and allow to dry. To create textures, use flaked cereal, cotton, tissue, etc. and apply Liquid Latex on top. Repeat if necessary. To create a scar or wrinkled effect, build up thin layers of Liquid Latex. Liquid Latex requires no remover, simply peel cured latex from skin. Makeup remover will soften dry latex but will not dissolve it. Avoid getting latex into hair or on clothes. To protect sensitive skin, use Barrier Spray under latex. Remove by gently peeling from skin followed by soap and water.
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