"IT" . . . . Free Preview Tickets @ Thomas FX

IT Poster"IT" . . . . . is back!

Through the generosity of Warner Bros. Films, Thomas FX has obtained some complimentary passes to a private Vancouver Advance Screening of the remake of Stephen King's novel . . . "IT". 

The Advance Screening will take place in Vancouver on September 6. 

Tomorrow, September 1, all Thomas FX store customers who make an in-store purchase will be offered an opportunity to receive a complimentary pass for two to next week's event. 

All Screening Passes must be claimed by  September 4'th.

Passes will be made available on a first come basis. 

When all free passes have been claimed, subsequent customers will receive a complimentary promotional poster. 

Once the posters are gone, remaining store customers will receive a complimentary promotional themed movie button.

Quantities are very limited, so come early to make a purchase and claim your promotional gift. 

It is not commonly known that Thomas FX Founder, John Thomas, was the Special Effects Coordinator for the original filming of IT, and Betty Thomas was the Stunt Coordinator. 

Betty will be in the store tomorrow and will personally arrange distribution of the free passes and promotional items. A special effects animatronic, used in the original film, will also be on display in our store.

We thank Warner Bros for this opportunity to help promote your re-launch of a film classic. 

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