How To Love Your Thomas FX Visit

Many people who visit  Thomas FX for the first time are confused by what they encounter, so here are a few tips on how to get the most from your visit and leave loving your Thomas FX experience.

1) Most people need about an hour to experience our store and take in our interactive displays. Please make sure you arrive in plenty of time to enjoy everything.

2) We close our Dark Zone 1/2 hour BEFORE closing each day. The front of our store remains open until the advertised closing time, but it does take us about 1/2 hour every day to restock, clean thoroughly, and turn off all of the animatronics and lights in the Dark Zone so it is ready for visitors the next day. If you arrive too late, you can still shop in part of the store, and our friendly staff will be happy to run back and get anything you have seen online and might be interested in, but access to the Dark Zone will not be possible.

3) We ask that you consume all food and beverages BEFORE entering our store. Some people might be startled by what they encounter inside and might throw up their arms, inadvertently tossing hot coffee or food onto other guests.

4) Very young children can be uncomfortable in our scary environment, and extremely young children in strollers might start crying at some of the loud noises. Please think carefully about whether or not it is a good idea to bring very young impressionable children into our store. Maybe they would enjoy the visit more when they are a bit older.

5) Everyone at Thomas FX will welcome you and engage with you. They are interested in helping you, in answering your questions, and in offering you ideas. Everybody at Thomas FX is in Customer Service. Nobody is in Sales.

Thanks everyone. We listen carefully to all customer feedback and work hard to find new ways to improve our service. We hate it when someone does not have a more than excellent experience when they visit. Hopefully, the ideas and suggestions in this blog might help you to LOVE your Thomas FX experience.

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