How To Buy Really Good Fireworks

At Thomas FX We Only Sell . . . "WOW!"
Our Annual Fireworks Sale has just begun and sales are brisk.

Thomas FX has been selling serious pyrotechnics to movie industry professionals for the past 44 years.

As a result, we know how to buy really good fireworks. If the fireworks available from our distributor do not impress us, we do not offer them for sale in our store.

Yes, you can buy from a pop-up fireworks vendor in local grocery store, car lot, restaurant, or vacuum cleaner store, and take your chances on buying "so so" fireworks . . . . OR . . . . you can make a trip to the North Shore and purchase from people who only sell the best available fireworks products.

We will work within your budget and have people standing by to help put a show together that will entertain your family, neighbors, and friends. Every fireworks customer will receive a free surprise. We look at each person's show, then add a little something at the checkout that we think will improve their presentation.

At Thomas FX, we don't play the pricing games that pop-up vendors usually play . . . doubling the price then advertising a 50% discount. We sell our products at the manufacturer's suggested retail pricing. However, we take the guesswork out of your purchase by pre-selecting only the best fireworks effects, we offer free advice on how to build your show, we take the pain out of the permitting process, then give you a free surprise. In other words, we add value to your experience of doing business with us. That is part of how we make a difference in our community and in our world.

We will also help you to complete your Fireworks Permit. This year District of North Vancouver Fireworks Permits are $2 each. A permit will allow you to purchase, transport, and legally use fireworks in the District of North Vancouver between the hours of 6:00 pm and 12:00 midnight on October 31'st.

If you do not live in the District of North Vancouver, or will be using your fireworks at a location other than your D.N.V. home, you will have to check with that local Fire Department to determine what the rules are in that area. Fireworks may not be purchased by anyone under the age of 18. Anyone under the apparent age of 25 will be asked for photo identification.

Have fun with your fireworks, but PLEASE follow the rules. Don't do anything stupid like holding lit fireworks in your hand and aiming them at people. Play Safe and Stay Safe this Halloween!

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