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140 Riverside Drive W North Vancouver, BC

Thomas FX Local Time

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We Are Here For You

We are fully stocked 
for all strike recovery 
production needs !!!

A special shout out to 
all of our loyal clients 
around the world who 
stood by us during the 
strikes. God Bless All!





Thomas FX Serves 
Established Industry 

All COVID-19 Protective 
Measures Are Installed In 
Store. Hand Sanitizer, 
Temperature Checks, 
Social Distancing.

We reserve the right to limit or 
deny access to our building.

Practice COVID Protocols
 Stay Safe!

Vancouver Halloween Store @ Thomas FX

Halloween is in season at Thomas FX, with thousands of families visiting our Halloween Store in North Vancouver getting ready for Halloween on October 31'st.

We still have high-end Halloween Costumes, scary masks, unusual Halloween Props, and professional Makeup FX in stock.

Many people have asked about the popular "10% Discount" Facebook Coupon Promotion that ran last Halloween, so we are going to bring it back today. 

Please check our Facebook Page for further details, and YES, we will honour the 10% discount coupons in our store. Simply print it off and present it to one of our Cashiers.

NOTE: Discount Coupons DO NOT apply to our large assortment of Halloween Fireworks . . . which are already priced competitively. 

We choose our Halloween Fireworks assortments carefully, so our customers can be assured of getting the most impressive shows available. 

We have knowledgeable people on hand to help you buy the best fireworks for your family's enjoyment, and we sell Fireworks Permits onsite, for both West Vancouver and North Vancouver, for your convenience.

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Vancouver Fireworks | Halloween Special

$50 Off Orders of $500 Or More + Free Firework Gift
At last! . . . Halloween is finally here! As a surprise treat for all fireworks customers, today we will give everyone who purchases more than $500 . . . . a $50 discount at the checkout desk.

In addition, everyone who purchases fireworks at our store will receive a surprise gift . . . . a complimentary firework!

We look at your fireworks order then we add something, at no cost to you, that we feel will enhance your show.

When you consider the fact that we pre-select our fireworks, eliminating the lame ones, Thomas FX is the best place to buy "really good fireworks".

With a free gift, and a $50 discount off larger orders, today is definitely the day to buy your fireworks at Thomas FX.

PS: Don't forget to shop in our 'Dark Zone' for those last minute Halloween props and decorations!
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How To Buy Really Good Fireworks

At Thomas FX We Only Sell . . . "WOW!"
Our Annual Fireworks Sale has just begun and sales are brisk.

Thomas FX has been selling serious pyrotechnics to movie industry professionals for the past 44 years.

As a result, we know how to buy really good fireworks. If the fireworks available from our distributor do not impress us, we do not offer them for sale in our store.

Yes, you can buy from a pop-up fireworks vendor in local grocery store, car lot, restaurant, or vacuum cleaner store, and take your chances on buying "so so" fireworks . . . . OR . . . . you can make a trip to the North Shore and purchase from people who only sell the best available fireworks products.

We will work within your budget and have people standing by to help put a show together that will entertain your family, neighbors, and friends. Every fireworks customer will receive a free surprise. We look at each person's show, then add a little something at the checkout that we think will improve their presentation.

At Thomas FX, we don't play the pricing games that pop-up vendors usually play . . . doubling the price then advertising a 50% discount. We sell our products at the manufacturer's suggested retail pricing. However, we take the guesswork out of your purchase by pre-selecting only the best fireworks effects, we offer free advice on how to build your show, we take the pain out of the permitting process, then give you a free surprise. In other words, we add value to your experience of doing business with us. That is part of how we make a difference in our community and in our world.

We will also help you to complete your Fireworks Permit. This year District of North Vancouver Fireworks Permits are $2 each. A permit will allow you to purchase, transport, and legally use fireworks in the District of North Vancouver between the hours of 6:00 pm and 12:00 midnight on October 31'st.

If you do not live in the District of North Vancouver, or will be using your fireworks at a location other than your D.N.V. home, you will have to check with that local Fire Department to determine what the rules are in that area. Fireworks may not be purchased by anyone under the age of 18. Anyone under the apparent age of 25 will be asked for photo identification.

Have fun with your fireworks, but PLEASE follow the rules. Don't do anything stupid like holding lit fireworks in your hand and aiming them at people. Play Safe and Stay Safe this Halloween!
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We are NOT a haunted house!

Let  Me Be Clear
For the record, I want to make it really clear to everyone . . . . Despite what people are saying about us on Facebook . . . . We are NOT a "haunted house".

At Thomas FX we display our products and props in a creative manner designed to give our customers ideas about how to use them to best advantage. We incorporate theatrical lighting, sound effects, animatronics, black lights and even lasers to showcase our products.

The result is unlike any other retail shopping experience you have ever encountered and a lot of people describe our store as being like a "haunted house".

YES . . . our store is scary. 

NO . . . it is not a haunted house!

Another way in which we are different is our staff. Nobody here is on a sales commission. When you arrive at our store you will be greeted by one of our "personal shoppers", and you will encounter many more before you leave us.

We want people to be able to shop in complete comfort without being distracted by, or encumbered with, their purchases. Other stores force you to carry your purchases around their premises. At Thomas FX, we take care of that for you.

When one of our personal shoppers sees you with a purchase they will offer to take your merchandise to the cash desk leaving you free to experience the other merchandise we have on display . . . Then, when you are ready to checkout, your order will already be waiting for you at one of our cashier stations. Don't worry . . . . nobody is going to try and sell you anything.

Experience Extreme Service At Thomas FX
We have trained our staff to answer your questions, to be interested in the theme you are working with, to offer suggestions that might augment what you are hoping to accomplish, and to deliver a level of customer service that you will not encounter at any other retail store.

If you are one of our regular shoppers you love all of this about us. However, if you are new to our store you might be surprised at first until you get the hang of it. Relax and enjoy the experience of being pampered!

We are all here to help you make Halloween 2012 your best ever.

PS: If you are looking for a Haunted House to entertain the kids, taking them to Fright Nights at the PNE, or to any of your neighbourhood's haunted attractions would be a good idea.

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Like Us On Facebook & Save 10%

Get Full Details On The Thomas FX Facebook Page

Yesterday we launched a Loyalty reward Coupon for our Facebook Fans . . . full details on the Thomas FX Facebook page.

LIKE us on Facebook and share with your friends. Get a Loyalty Discount Coupon for 10% off your Online purchases on the Thomas FX Online Halloween Store.

The 10% coupon can be used in our North Vancouver bricks'n mortar store as well.

We have never offered a coupon of this nature before so it will be interesting to see how many people take advantage of the instant savings.

Several people people LIKE this and a some have already shared with their friends.

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Fireworks Permits ... Play Safe ... Stay Safe on Halloween

Yes . . . We sell Fire Department Fireworks Permits. They cost $2.00 each.

All Permit money collected goes directly to the District Of North Vancouver Fire Department.

You must buy a new DNVFD Permit every time you make a Fireworks purchase.

The Permit allows you to Purchase, Own, and Transport Fireworks in the District of North Vancouver, and to discharge them in the District on October 31'st.

If you live outside the District of North Vancouver you may also need to purchase an additional Permit from your local Fire Department to discharge Fireworks in your municipality.

Some Municipalities have completely banned the use of Fireworks. (Happily, we have a more enlightened Civic Government in the Districts Of North and West Vancouver.) Check with your local Fire Department to find out if you can set off Fireworks in your area.

Fireworks in the District Of North Vancouver may ONLY be discharged on October 31'st between 6:00 pm - 12:00 pm.

If you choose to discharge Fireworks at other times there will likely be consequences.

You must be 18 years of age to purchase and discharge Fireworks in the District of North Vancouver.

NO . . . . We do NOT make these rules . . . we just follow them . . . These are good rules that keep us all safe. Play Safe . . . Stay Safe.

NO . . . . We are NOT the Fireworks Police . . . but break the rules and you might meet them.

YES . . . .  If you hassle us about the Permit . . . or tell us you plan to break the rules . . . we will likely not sell Fireworks to you, so PLEASE . . . We are all very tired right now so, with all due respect, check your attitude at the door or take your business somewhere else.
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