Global TV - Believe BC: North Shore company pivots to avoid economic disaster due to COVID-19 pandemic

Global TV report screenshotJuly 29, 2020 - A North Shore TV and movie special effects company had an ‘enlightened’ idea to avoid financial disaster when their industry was shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic. Aaron McArthur reports.

Global TV visited Thomas FX to learn about their pivot to expand their business and help Canadian businesses open up safely with UV light disinfection products from BioTech UV.  
Thomas FX discovered that BioTech UV was looking for a Canadian distributor for their UV light disinfection products.  They reached out, and less than 48 hours later, they were offering the products for sale to Canadian buyers.
As the new Canadian distributor for BioTech UV in Canada, Thomas FX supplies light disinfection units which combine UV light with ozone to safely disinfect air and surfaces.  For Thomas FX’s primary customers, film industry professionals, as well as other organizations, such as medical offices, fitness studios, and more, UVC light disinfection offers an affordable, chemical-free option for eliminating pathogens.

Click here to watch the Global TV report.
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