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Foam latex prosthetic masks and appliances have arrived at Thomas FX

Many customers have asked us to stock this type of item and we finally found a manufacturer who has good designs and fair prices. These quality products are made in the USA.

We have created a new section in our e-store, under Blood & Makeup FX, called Foam Latex Prosthetics, and will be adding more items in the months ahead. 

Instructions on how to use these foam latex prosthetic appliances are included in the description on each product page, along with related items that will help you to achieve better results from each foam latex prosthetic.

In addition, an instructional video is playing in our bricks'n mortar store to help shoppers choose complementary makeup effects products that will enhance the finished result.

Please stay tuned . . . . there is lots of news to share in the weeks and months ahead.

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