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Thomas FX provides production supplies, special effects equipment rentals, event services and production consulting support. With more than 40 years of experience in special effects working with entertainment professionals to enhance productions around the world, and with many years of special event production management expertise in-house, we have the ability to supply and coordinate the right people, products, equipment and production management services to make your event spectacular.


Turnkey snow dressing, falling snow and scenic decor by Thomas FX for "20 Tent" featured aattraction at Vancouver's Canada Place 2009 Canada Day celebration.

As a world leader in artificial snow special effects, we manufacture SNO-FX! ™, our own patented snow products, widely referred to by the special effects and entertainment professionals who use them as the world's best biodegradable artificial snow.

We normally stock more than 100 different types of snow and ice products, and have numerous container loads of artificial snow products in stock at all times. If required, we can manufacture virtually unlimited amounts of our biodegradable snow on demand and customize color, flake size, and packaging, to address unique requirements. We even manufacture a line of colored biodegradable snow used to simulate volcanic ash.

Having access to the world's best snow and ice products, the world's most experienced snow crews, plus cutting edge snow machines and snow application technology systems, enables us to create realistic snow and ice themes for events and attractions in any environment. We also supply "White Weddings" and retail displays.


Artificial Ice Rink installed by Thomas FX for VANOC 2010 Olympics news conference at Robson Square Vancouver

Snow Business products supplied by Thomas FX enhance Cadillac new product launch and television commercial.


Oversized floral set dec sets the stage for Easter Celebrations at Cortana Mall in Baton Rouge Louisiana

In addition to being a world leader in artificial snow, Thomas FX is also known for its wide range of oversize seasonal set dressing decor and props. Proven in the movie industry, our unique set dec lines are very popular with theatre productions, themed events, entertainment attractions, and tourism destinations.

Outside the entertainment industry, our special effects products and services are frequently used by military organizations, governments, firefighters, and police forces. Quality artificial non-staining blood, breakaway glass products, pyrotechnics, fog machines, and stunt dummies from Thomas FX are all used to create realistic disaster simulations, train fire and police department personnel, and simulate military battlefield triage conditions, in both North and South America, as authentic as possible without damaging expensive uniforms or equipment.


Makeup FX, artificial blood, breakaway glass, stunt dummies, and fog machines from Thomas FX were used during a Government of Canada disaster simulation exercise in preparation for Vancouver's 2010 Olympics. This was the largest disaster simulation ever to be held in Canada.


Pyrotechnics from Thomas FX fire the 9:00 gun in Vancouver's world-renowned Stanley Park each day

Contact us today and let us know how we can help to enhance your next event. Whether you need quality production supplies, unique themed set decor, reliable special effects equipment, or a complete turnkey special effects production solution, we can help. No event is too large or too small.

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