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Big Is Beautiful!

Entertain your customers and generate additional sales with high impact visual merchandising display props and decor from Thomas FX. Decorate your store, shopping mall, event, or themed attraction with oversized seasonal decor. Thomas FX oversized display props are generating rave reviews from satisfied customers everywhere.

Thomas FX specializes in Halloween, spring & summer floral themes, Artificial snow and Snow Themed decor for the Christmas season.

Whether your theme includes Giant Nutcrackers with oversized snowflakes and display snow; giant flowers with oversized butterflies and fairies, oversized rabbits, or monstrously huge ghouls and Halloween goblins, oversized visual merchandising decor from Thomas FX is certain to add an extra dimension and make certain that your display or merchandising team gets the applause they deserve.

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Floral theme from Thomas FX enhances Easter display at Cortana Mall in Baton Rouge Louisiana.
(Photo Courtesy of Cortana Mall)


Creative use of oversized flowers from Thomas FX enhanced this in-store display.
(Photo Courtesy of Miles Display)


Giant blue daisies from Thomas FX added a new dimension to this Calgary Stampede display at the Calgary International Airport.
(Photo Courtesy of Miles Display)

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