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DSC 1/2 L

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NOTE: Pyrotechnic devices are offered for sale on this website as a service to our existing customers and for information purposes. Thomas FX Group Inc., sells pyrotechnic devices to established licensed pyrotechnicians working in the global film industry. Thomas FX Group Inc., DOES NOT sell pyrotechnic devices to members of the general public, to persons who have not received the proper training on the safe use of these devices, or persons who are not duly licensed to purchase and use pyrotechnic devices. We reserve the right to refuse service. Before agreeing to complete and ship orders for pyrotechnic devices, a certified copy of a current and valid pyrotechnician's license and two pieces of bona fide government issued photo identification must be provided to us by the person undertaking the purchase. We will only complete orders for pyrotechnic devices submitted by those persons duly licensed as film industry pyrotechnicians. We will not sell pyrotechnic devices when the intended use is resale to unknown third parties. We will not sell pyrotechnics to persons in jurisdictions to which the export of pyrotechnics are prohibited, to any jurisdiction on which a trade embargo is in effect, to foreign nationals of said jurisdictions abroad, or to any persons or organizations that may use pyrotechnics for purposes other than those for which they were intended. Thomas FX Group Inc., is not liable for personal damage or injury incurred while using any of the products we sell. It is understood and agreed that the customer has represented themselves, and provided proof of their status, as a licensed pyrotechnics expert and they agree to assume full responsibility and full liability at the time of purchase, or upon issuance of a bona fide purchase order. All sales are final. We do not restock pyrotechnic products. We do not guarantee or replace broken or defective items once they have left our building, and we make no representations about the marketability or suitability of the products we sell, or represent that they will be suitable for the use intended by the purchaser, or that they will create any specific desired special effect. Shipping of pyrotechnic devices must be arranged directly through a duly authorized employee of Thomas FX Group Inc. Pyrotechnic devices are hazardous. They MUST be shipped as "DANGEROUS GOODS" and MUST receive the appropriate special handling accorded to "DANGEROUS GOODS". All costs for the special handling and shipping of dangerous goods will be born by the purchaser. The purchaser agrees that any liability accruing to Thomas FX Group Inc., for any reason whatsoever, shall be limited without exception to the purchase price of the goods being purchased. WARNING: Improper handling or use of pyrotechnic devices can cause damage to property, personal injury, and/or death.
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