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Tommy HIlfiger New York Flagship StoreAnother shipment of Christmas Window Display Snow is outbound today. This shipment is destined for the Tommy Hilfiger chain of retail stores for use in their Christmas Display Windows. 

Tommy Hilfiger stores will be using our Extra Fine Display Snow for their displays this year, and every Tommy Hilfiger store throughout North America will be incorporating artificial snow from Thomas FX in their Christmas Displays. 

We offer Display Designers more than 100 types of artificial snow and ice products to choose from, and we even have colored snow as well. Another advantage for customers is our ability to customize their orders of snow and ice.

Thank you Tommy Hilfiger, and a Merry Christmas to one and all. We loved working with your people. 


A word of caution: 

If you want our company to customize your snow order, we will ship "exactly" what you ask us to produce. Please take whatever time you feel is needed to fully understand our products and then be very clear about what you want to ask us for, then triple confirm your order before we start manufacturing, because with custom orders once we make it, and the order is shipped, you own it. 

In our 44 years in business we have only had a less than fulfilling experience with one or two customers. For example . . . A buyer came into our store earlier this year, viewed all available snow products in our sample room, chose two kinds of snow, walked away with a number of free samples of his favorites plus a few alternative options, then asked us to manufacture a custom blend of his two favorite kinds of snow. 

We did this for the customer, in the process, bending many of our standard operating procedures to accommodate this demanding customer's unique needs. Then a month after we had shipped the custom manufactured product, our customer called to tell us that "his interpretation" of our snow was different from ours.

Seriously . . . After you held the snow products in your hands, walked away with actual samples of the snow you were considering, and worked with the free samples for several weeks before placing your order, and then changed your mind several times after you issued a purchase order, but happily BEFORE we started manufacturing, you call us one month AFTER receiving your shipment to complain because your boss didn't like the snow that YOU designed? . . . Only in Canada could such a thing happen.

Time and time again we provide amazing snow products accompanied by equally amazing customer service. This is why the Thomas FX brand is well known in 51 countries around the world, and why we have succeeded in a challenging industry, and in a more than challenging economy, when others have failed. 

We understand that no company gets to stay in business by disappointing customers. However, no matter what we do, once in awhile we run across someone who simply can not, and WILL NOT, be satisfied no matter what extreme measures we have gone to in accommodating their demands. Sorry about that. Happily this only happens once every decade or two. 

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